Careers at SalesLabX

We’re Seeking Greatness

Some of the best and brightest creatives, developers, and project managers are already doing amazing work here... but we’re growing fast, and we need even more. With you on the team, SalesLabX can build something truly special, and you can grow a career that you can be proud of.

Dive in and get ready to swim, the water’s fine!

Who You Are

We’re not looking for the next “rockstar” or for someone with 5 years of experience in careers that have only existed for 2. We’re not going to run you around like that. Rather, we’re here to change how things are done in the tech and marketing industry, and for that, we need someone with big ideas. We're looking for dreamers, doers, and people who know that they are meant for more.

We also welcome those that don’t often get heard; people that the tech industry typically leaves behind because they don’t have what they consider to be the “right” education, background, or experience. If you're bright, driven, and ready to ride this growth rocket with us, then...

...we want YOU.

Working at SalesLabX

This is not your typical workplace. You’re not just here to fill a role and make numbers go up. When you work here, you’re valued for your input, you’re involved in decisions that affect the organization, and you’re trusted to get the job done. If you’ve worked in the corporate world before, then you know how rare that is. We believe that trusting in our people is what sets us apart.

Here's a slice of life look at what it's like to be on the team at SLX:

SLX is a people-first organization, meaning that we care about our team members and we’ll do everything we can to make sure you know it. You can expect a benefits package that actually takes care of you, and isn’t just the bare minimum.

Our Benefits Include:

Medical Insurance

The health of you and your family is paramount to us. We don’t want you to have to worry if illness or injury rears its ugly head. You’re here giving it your all, and we want you and those you love at their best. It’s that simple.

Dental Insurance

Teeth are important, and we know from experience that they can be a sudden and costly expense when something goes wrong with them. We don’t want your pearly whites dragging you down, so we cover them too.

Vision Insurance

Vision insurance for team members, their spouses, AND their domestic partners. If you join the team, you can expect significant coverage for contacts, glasses, and even laser eye surgery.

Unlimited Paid Time Off

No slow accrual, and no cancelling your vacation because you happened to get sick, because sick days are unlimited as well. That along with paid company holidays make for a work/life balance that feels amazing.

Wellness Stipend

Whether it’s getting a personal trainer to get your butt in gear, joining a gym, or treating yourself to a massage (because why not), we offer a monthly wellness stipend for you to prioritize self-care.

Professional Development

At SLX, we want you to level up! That includes trainings, certifications, conferences that will allow you to be the best you can be in your field. That’s why we offer this benefit of $1,000 a year. As they say, knowledge is power.

Mental Health Therapy Stipend

SalesLabX recognizes how important it is to be able to take care of your emotional and mental health. So much so that we have a monthly mental health therapy stipend. If you’re happy, we’re happy.

Home Workspace Stipend

Once you join the team, you’ll have a $500 stipend with which to optimize your workspace. New desk? Better chair? Glasses that reduce the amount of blue light being beamed into your eyeballs? We’ve got your back.

401K Matching

You add to your fund, and we do the same. We’re not going to leave you hanging out to dry in your golden years and will invest in your future.

Charitable Donation Matching

Giving money to charity helps to make the world around us better, and we want to be part of it. Let us know what causes you're supporting, and we’ll match that amount 1:1.

Regular Team Events

We appreciate you, and we’ll never let you forget it! Catered Happy Hours, game nights, cooking sessions, dance lessons, virtual events, and all things fun. Kick back and get to know the people you work with.

Referral Bonus

Know someone who you think would be a great addition to the team? Let’s get them on board. If you refer someone to us, and they stay in their role for 6 months, we’ll give you $500. A fair reward for making the team even stronger.

…and that’s just our offerings as of right now. As we continue to grow and expand, greater and greater investments are made in our people. We will continue bringing in and keeping the best people for the job by providing opportunities for growth and advancement.

Our Core Beliefs


We embrace uniqueness, speak our minds, have fun together, and welcome the good kinda weird.

Create opportunities for others

We provide a space to elevate all voices, support one another, celebrate wins, and strive to create fair and accessible opportunities for all.

Nurture Inclusion

We cultivate a culture of unity, acceptance, and belonging. We harness the power of our collective genius and experiences to thrive and RISE together.


We aren’t afraid to think big, work hard, challenge ourselves, and seek growth. We exude excellence and achieve great things.

Build and Grow Intentionally

Everything we do, we do with care and intention. Whether it’s building or improving, we make mindful decisions to create meaningful change.


We help and uplift our community by making positive contributions, challenging injustice, and using our resources to support those in need.

Available Roles

Marketing Account Coordinator

Marketing Account Coordinators build long-term relationships with clients. They develop awesome marketing strategies and collaborate closely with our internal teams to execute on client projects. ACs are highly skilled in communication and project management.


Junior Graphic Designers work with our internal teams to produce creative deliverables from concept to completion, including emails, landing pages, and social media assets. They have a strong understanding of key design principles and ensure that all design work aligns with our clients’ brand guidelines.

Account representative

Account Representatives build positive business relationships with prospective clients to help them fulfill their marketing automation needs. They generate new account opportunities, manage full-cycle sales, and work collaboratively with our internal teams to achieve sales targets.

Operations Specialist

Operations Specialists support the organization by assisting with all things ops and admin! They ensure smooth and efficient operations, as well as help optimize processes. They are highly skilled in documentation, implementation of processes, reporting, and general admin tasks.

Carve Yourself a Shiny Path

Y’all already know we’re looking for creative minds, passionate people, and individuals who want to help us solve problems. If you don’t see a job here that tickles your fancy, but you think you can help us fill a gap somewhere, we’re all ears. Draft up your own job description and tell us what we’re missing. Don’t hold back! Take those little things you’re proud of and put them on display. Tell us why we need ya.

Current Waitlist For All New Subscribers: 21 Days