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Every organization should have goals. They provide direction, an endpoint to strive for, and a way to measure how far you’ve come. Studies show that people who set goals consistently achieve more, and clear goals in the workplace are a highly effective tool for improving motivation. You might already have some goals in mind for the coming year, but do you have a plan to ensure your success? We want to make sure that you do.

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Achieving success...

There’s a lot more to achieving success than looking at the target, drawing back your arrow, and hoping for the best. Any archer can tell you that there are dozens of criteria you need to get just right in order to get your arrow into the center of the bullseye. When it comes to marketing, similar procedures need to be followed in order to attain the results you want.

Keeping both eyes open is key!

When you’re juggling about a thousand and one different priorities, it’s tempting to just focus your marketing strategy on the big picture, like achieving your desired ROI or a higher conversion rate- and that’s certainly not a bad start. Maybe you don’t worry so much about audience segmentation, A/B Testing your subject lines, or optimizing your emails for mobile right now, because “They’ll get the idea,” and you’ve got a lot on your plate. Steps like these might seem like small details to fuss over, but skipping them is like closing one eye to get better aim. You think if you narrow your focus, it’s going to serve your strategy best, but that’s not the case. Keeping both eyes open is key to hitting your target.

You may be thinking...

“That’s a nice thought, but there aren’t enough hours in a day, and I don’t have the time to worry about all the minor minutiae.” You might be right! It can be a lot, and in most organizations it’s inevitable that certain procedures are played fast and loose in the name of efficiency- but it doesn’t have to be that way.

This is where we come in!

At SalesLabX, we take those little tasks that add up, and we automate them. We plan them, execute them, and make improvements the next go ‘round using the data we gathered along the way. We can be your muscle memory. When you fire as many arrows into as many targets as we have, the long checklist of tiny tasks becomes second nature. With SalesLabX taking care of your conversion optimized landing page designs, A/B Testing your emails, and conducting your market research, you are freed up to focus on the bigger picture and direct your energies toward the projects that need your expert attention most.

Now is not the time to be shy...

Schedule a demo today, and we’ll show you how we can help you set up your targets and drive each arrow into the bullseye. It’s what we do, and we’re darn good at it.

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