Automation Case Study  #17

“ We kept increasing our sales teams daily calls, but we just couldn’t get enough opportunities created. Once we had our tracking and automation set up, it gave us so much clarity on what we had to change.” – David Cronk, SVP Sales

1. Real-time, automated emails, triggered by customers lead form submission.

2. Call task was automatically created in Salesforce based on if they opened/replied selected emails.

3. Every email was designed to look like it came from the account managers email address, along with a bookable calendar link.

1. Personalized emails from reps were triggered based on customer engagement on website. ​

2. Reps were able to touch 3X amount of leads per day, once auto click to dial was implemented. ​

3. Call prioritization went from a rep based decision to one based on input from leadership and customer activity.

1. Salesforce reports implemented with nuanced rep activities : how many voicemails vs. returned calls, emails sent per rep vs. how many replies, etc. ​

2. On-boarding time was dramatically reduced by automating email/ voicemail process.

3. Leadership provided with best practices by their top performing reps and ability to scale what was working with their entire floor.