The Information You Need to Know.

At SaleslabX we want to make your ideas come alive and we understand you may have another 3rd party or Ad Agency that you prefer. No problem! We want to make sure we can all work together to meet your goals and deadlines. In the interest of smooth collaboration, our team created this helpful list of our processes to share with your Ad Agency or 3rd party partners.

SalesLabX Requirements for the DESIGN process:

  1. Email Pardot sizing for images: 600px email width, 520px max width for content (centered between the 600px).

  2. All assets, images, logos, etc., should be mobile-friendly.

  3. All images should be separate when they are sent over.

  4. All images should be high resolution, XD, responsive image files.

  5. No cross-over image/modules on emails.

  6. If the client has custom requests, the Designer, Account Coordinator, and the Developer team will work together on how to best accomplish the request. Depending on how detailed the request is, our team will plan to add additional time to the overall project as needed.

  7. We do not recommend custom images as CTA buttons because sometimes the images will fail to load or load slowly. This could affect overall conversion rates.

  8. It’s best to keep most of your detailed information on a landing page and keep the amount of text in emails to a short & sweet teaser (~2 paragraphs max) this prompts people to click through to the landing page for more information and convert.

  9. We recommend keeping the total number of links in an email to 5 or less. This includes image links, logos that link to the company website in the header, and social media icons. Social links in the header/footer are not recommended unless strongly desired by the client. Keeping the total number of links under 5 will increase open rates by 3% by reducing the likelihood the email will be marked as spam by email clients.

  10. Microsoft Outlook does not allow corner rounded buttons or images.

  11. Microsoft Outlook will not show custom fonts and often will not show the correct fallback fonts either. Expect to see either Times New Roman or Arial in Outlook.  Apple and Gmail will usually show custom fonts without issue.

  12. As a policy, we do not troubleshoot third party HTML code, but we are happy to rebuild and optimize using our own process.

SalesLabX Requirements for the Developer Team process:

Custom requests will need to go to the Developer Team before it is moved to the Design Team. EXAMPLE: Dynamic content, forms, overlapping images, etc.

AD Agency Process + Timeline Overview:

  1. The client sends all assets, and examples, of design from AD Agencies that fall under the SLX Ad Agency guidelines.

  2. Depending on how complicated the email is, the Design process can take up to 3 business days (without revisions).

  3. Once The Design is approved, the Developer Team will review the request and start on the Production task to build the request in Pardot. Depending on how complicated the request is, this process can take 2 – 3 business days.

  4. Once in Production, our team will need to troubleshoot any concerns. This means running multiple tests on different platforms. The Account Coordinator will then relay the timeframe, which can take 2 – 3 business days.

  5. Once Production is complete, the Client will receive a test email, landing page link, etc., for review.

  6. If there are any issues with the project from the client-side, our team will reopen the Production task and run a few more tests. We want to make sure the project works on all platforms that are a priority for the client.

  7. The SalesLabX team will send another Test to the Client. If approved, our team will publish the email in Pardot or finalize the landing page.