What Was That Noise?

Was It a Whisper, or Simply the Wind…?

What is it trying to tell you about your marketing efforts?

Good evening, boils, ghouls, and
non-die-nary friends!

Everyone loves a good scary story, don’t they? Your wide-eyed friends are sitting around the fire, the flashlight underneath your chin is dousing your features in shadow, and the only sound is crackling wood, shallow breathing, and the wind whistling through autumn branches…

We like being scared because we know we can return safely to reality once the story ends. Yes, everyone enjoys a chilling tale or two… Until you find yourself the main character, and the story is all around you. Where will you run then?

Are You Dead Tired of Not Hitting Your ROI Goals?

Maybe it’s because your marketing strategy is a cursed, ancient relic! Are you still sending one email to one big master list instead of developing role-based journeys? Are your graphics reflective of trends from five years ago? *shiver*

The Call is Coming From Inside The House…

If you answered “yes” to either of the above questions, then you need to know that your strategy is that weird smell coming from beneath the floorboards. Your in-house marketing team has tripped and fallen, and it might take them a while to get back up. Meanwhile, you’re losing precious time.

We’re The Team You Need, And That’s Final, Girl.

Built from the haunted visions of a madman, SalesLabX is the unstoppable marketing behemoth that can slash through your competition like a hot machete through…uh… Don’t worry about it. Let’s just say that your competition won’t be a problem once you summon us: The Pardot/Salesforce Slashers.


Everyone knows that one zombie is nothing to worry about, but once they start amassing outside the farmhouse, you’re in trouble. Our team is like that, just with less brain-eating. We’re coordinated, transparent about which of your tasks we’re working on, and capable of executing complex marketing strategies like ABM with no ramp-up time!

“I’ll Be Right Back…”

Maybe you’ve thought about working with us before but haven’t gotten around to requesting a demo just yet. Maybe you’re unsure if we’re the right fit for where your organization is at right now. Maybe you’ll just keep doing things the way you’re doing them for now and “be right back”.


As in any scary story, time is of the essence. Every second you’re not enhancing your marketing and trusting the experts at SalesLabX, you’re missing out on ROI and letting your competition gain the upper hand. We can scale our services to any size business, and with our subscription model, you’re only going to get the services you need right now. We grow along with you, like a mysterious third arm growing out of your side.

One Of Us! One Of Us!

We know that marketing can be scary, and we know that change can be too. We also know that changing your marketing strategy can be the risk you need to take to make it to your end of year goals. Request a free demo(n) today, and let us tell you a different kind of story. One where you’re the hero who makes all the right moves, avoids all the traps, and emerges triumphant.

Because even though you may have heard this story before, you’re gonna love how we tell it. It’s a scream 😉

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