How To

Chaser Emails

A Chaser email is a copy of the first email send, with key information changed or edited to further reach additional prospects on your lists.

sending info

Set Up

You will need to create the email that will be your first send before your chaser email.

*If the email has been sent already the sent email can be found in Marketing < Emails < Sent.

Step 1

Open up Marketing < Segmentation < Lists, create a new list to suppress prospects who opened the first send.

Setup the list with the name you’d like and go to your email send information.

suppression list

Step 2

Setup your first email send with all the correct info. Then setup the completion action at the bottom of the page under sending. Select the checkbox under “Take action when…” that says “a prospect opens this email”.

A dialogue box will pop up that provides options for what completion action you would like to take. Select “Add to List”. You will select the suppression list you created in the previous step.

Step 3

Once your email has been completely set up, make a copy of this email. This copy will be your Chaser email.

Tip: If you're making a chaser email based off an already sent email, you will copy the sent email to make the chaser. Then to add the prospects that have already opened the first send to the suppression list by going to the sent email View Report < Unique HTML Opens < Select All Prospects on Record Table, Then at the bottom of the page choose the dropdown "Add To List" and choose your suppression list.

no completion action
supression applied

Step 4

On your Chaser email add the updated subject line and pre-header text. Make sure to remove the completion action from this email if you won’t be sending another chaser email after the first Chaser.

Apply the list you created as a suppression list to the chaser email so that prospects who opened the email in the first send won’t be receiving the email twice. You can now schedule both emails.