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Uh... Hey. Hi there.

Listen, we don’t normally do this, but we saw you from across the vast expanse of cyberspace, and I couldn’t help but notice your dazzling… mission statement.

It’s so funny! You do a fair amount of email marketing through SalesForce and Pardot and we happen to be experts in that area! You pay for a SalesForce subscription, and we have a bunch of experts that can teach you how to leverage the tools within SalesForce to an even greater degree! I know it sounds cheesy, but I think we were *destined* to meet on this landing page.

I think we could really hit it off if you give us a chance! Forgive us if we’re being forward, but would you like to grab a cup of coffee on us? If you sign up for a demo any time in the month of February, you’ll get a Starbucks gift card from us.

February is a month of love, and love can mean a lot of things. We love our work, we love our clients, and we’d love to work with you!

See you in the café. We’ll be wearing a blue sweater and carrying a red rose.


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