Marketing Is Everywhere We Look
How do you make your marketing
stand out?

Sharpen your marketing strategy and cut through the noise

Marketing Is Everywhere We Look
How do you make
your marketing
stand out?

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Banner ads, pop-ups, emails, commercials, and sponsored posts; we are surrounded by marketing all the time. The other organizations in your industry are filling the digital space with innumerable assets that loudly assert that they’re the right choice, so how do you stand apart? 

You sharpen your marketing blade, and you cut through all the noise. 

Quality Over All Else

Your marketing represents how you want the world to see you, so any broken links, misspellings, or slow-loading graphics are going to cost you trust and interest. When you partner with SLX, you’re partnering with a world-class QA team that will examine every asset to ensure the perfect delivery of your message every single time.

Cut to the Core of Your Desired Demographics

We analyze your marketing data to formulate focused strategies that target specific subsets of your target audience. This means that people are seeing ads that relate specifically to their experiences instead of a general ad for no one in particular. We know we’d be more likely to click!

Design That’s a Cut Above

Visual asset creation is something that everyone thinks they can do, but without seasoned creatives behind your efforts, you run the risk of creating something that pushes people away. Our expert design team not only knows everything about graphic design and animation, but they study together regularly to continue honing their skills. They know exactly how to draw the eye, and when you partner with us, their powers are yours to harness!

The Pen is Mightier than the Sword

Blogs, white papers, social media copy, and conversion optimized email verbiage can be yours when you include our copywriting services with your subscription. Our writers know all there is to know about SEO, current trends, and effective writing that grabs attention. They will even analyze your brand voice to create seamless copy that sounds like your brand!

To Stay Sharp, A Cutting Edge Needs Maintenance

Your Salesforce instance is safe in our hands! Our developers will not only make sure everything stays up and running, but they can add incredible functionality to your environment that will make it a dream to navigate. Beautiful reports, custom flows, and anything else your heart desires can be yours. You just need to say the word!

Lists and Leads: Handled

Your email list has recipients that aren’t opening your messages, which could be hurting your email deliverability. We look at that data, and we use segmentation to try and either bring those stragglers back into the fold or cut them loose. We also use lead scoring to determine which of your leads are the most likely to convert, and we focus on achieving those conversions. This means less work for you and more ROI.

It can be a hassle for your entire operation if you’re having to devote your energy to cutting through all the digital marketing static. It’s a lot of analysis, strategizing, and creation that stretches your already limited bandwidth. That’s where we come in. We’re experts at elevating your message above all the noise and getting it where it needs to go. When you partner with us, you’re partnering with a well-oiled marketing machine that understands your goals and knows how to achieve them. Building your own team takes a lot of time, it’s incredibly costly, and it can take years for those hires from all different disciplines to work together in a precise and effective way. Make the right strategic choice and bring in the team that’s ready to go to work for you.

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