Engagement Studio

General Overview

Time Settings

Time settings control how long a prospect waits on a step before moving on. The time settings and results vary for each Action, Trigger, or Rule.

Up To A Maximum or Wait?

The 'up to a maximum' or the 'wait' options control when your prospect's action will be evaluated.

Wait = Hard Wait

If you select ‘wait 3 days’ the Engagement journey will wait a full 3 days before it evaluates: ‘did the prospect take the action?’

Wait Up To = Fluid

'Wait up to 3 days’ means the Engagement Studio is constantly checking to see if the prospect took the action.

There are two outcomes:

1. The prospect takes the action before the time is up and proceeds through the step immediately.

2. The prospect does not take the action before the time is up; they wait the full amount of time.

Pardot Prodigy Tip

Avoid spamming your prospects by adding at least a one-day wait following a ‘wait up to’ step.

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