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When an org is looking to revamp its strategies, its team will usually start by examining the data to find exactly what’s lacking and what’s working, but often all they find is blank spaces or a jumbled mess of meaningless numbers. You need to be able to pull a story from the numbers in order to sing a marketing song that people want to hear.
That’s where we come in.

Time to put you on the big stage… Ready for it?

The Strategy Team From Your Wildest Dreams

We know all too well that you already have all the pieces you need to put yourself in the spotlight. We know your data looks like an unactionable mess, but take a breath! You need to calm down!

We reorganize your data in a way that shows you your strengths and weaknesses. The dashboards we create are so gorgeous that you’d think they were enchanted, and when we combine your data with the massive amount of data we have at our disposal, you have an unbeatable strategy backed by solid numbers. But you’re not out of the woods yet!

Lead With Style (SLX Version)

Are your assets conversion-optimized? Are they going to draw the kind of attention you need them to on your various pages and social media feeds? Leave it to the SLX team of designers to bejewel your assets going forward, making them stand out from the crowd in a way that boosts your reputation!

We learn your style, we build it up using up-to-date knowledge of successful design trends, and we build something new.

Developer? No. Mastermind!

One thing about us? We’re gonna build a gorgeous form. Our developers are certified in Account Engagement (Pardot… We don’t like the name change, but we tolerate it) and Salesforce development, and can create some amazing functionality.

Not getting as many demo requests as you should? Need one that hits differently? We’re the team for you.

Our Account Coordinators and You: A Love Story

We know communication between all your departments has been shaky, but it’s time to shake it off! You will have an Account Coordinator assigned to your account who makes sure all stakeholders are on the same page when it comes to new campaigns and strategies. No more launches getting pushed because of coordination issues.

You’re One Demo Away…

Picture your new campaigns. They’re center stage with thousands of eyes on them. They’ve been waiting for you to get here, and now that you are, all they can do is bask in the afterglow. With SalesLabX you can reach stardom in your field that you never even imagined, all within a revolutionary subscription model. You’re only one demo away. Don’t keep your adoring public waiting.

You’re not on your own, kid. You never have been.

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