It’s time for SLX V4!

Simplified Experience + New Features

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Here at SalesLabX, our goal is to make creating with us as simple and convenient as possible.
We’ve been listening to your suggestions and feedback, and we’ve made some upgrades to our process that will make navigating your Asana board a breeze, and provide more speed and transparency to your task turnaround times so you can hit your deadlines more easily.
So what’s changing?
Introducing the new SLX V4 Upgrades!  These updates will be effective as of Monday, October 2nd, 2023.
Your Asana board just got even simpler
You’ll notice your Asana board has gone from five columns to only three.  The columns indicate what stage your asset is in, and they will be labeled Waiting In Queue, In Progress, and Accomplished.
Want a little more information?  For assets that are In Progress, you’ll still be able to see if they’re in Design Stage, Build & Test Stage, Waiting for Approval, On Hold, or in Final Steps by looking at the Status field on the task card.
New Feature: Automatic Estimated Completion Updates
Want more visibility into task turnaround times so you can plan around your deadlines more easily? We’ve got you covered! With Estimated Completion Updates, your Account Coordinator will automatically let you know the estimated completion date for your asset each time a new task request is made, or a round of revisions is requested. With more predictable completion dates, you’ll be able to keep all stakeholders informed more easily and plan the related pieces of your strategy more efficiently.
New Feature: SLX Auto Approvals
Have you ever wished you didn’t have to personally approve every little change before your asset can move to the next stage? We’re offering a new feature called SLX Auto Approvals that will be eligible for partners who have had an active subscription with SalesLabX for at least six months. This is a completely optional service upgrade being offered at no additional cost, and it’s ideal for those who would like to utilize SalesLabX’s best judgment to give approvals on their behalf and have built up a shared understanding of expectations with their Account Coordinator.
With Auto Approvals, any requested revisions that will change less than 20% of the proof or asset can be officially approved by the Account Coordinator on the client’s behalf.

This enables production to continue uninterrupted without waiting for formal approval from you for each round of revisions, and therefore condenses overall task turnaround times for maximum efficiency. If you’d like to opt into this feature, just reach out to your Account Coordinator and we’ll get it set up for you!
What does changing 20% or less look like?
Click below to explore this proof example more closely
Proactive Planning: Enhanced 90 Day Roadmapping
We’re always looking for ways to give our partners more value, so we’re implementing a more structured approach to your strategy sessions that ensures you’ll get the most out of your SLX subscription – your Account Coordinator will come to your strategy session prepared with our recommended goals and ideas to optimize your marketing efforts for the upcoming 90 day cycle. You’ll be invited to add in your own ideas and priorities before we finalize the plan and create a personalized timeline for execution, and then your Account Coordinator will spend the next three months making sure the team stays on track to accomplish your goals. At the end of each cycle, we’ll take inventory of our efforts and performance, and use what we’ve learned to make a new roadmap for the next cycle!
The updated V4 experience including all features described above will be going live on Monday, October 2nd, 2023.
While we’d love to provide expedited turnaround times for everyone, that first six months is essential for the team and your Account Coordinator to learn everything they can about your workflows, needs, and expectations in order to confidently make the best decisions on your behalf. We feel it’s essential to build a strong relationship and shared understanding before giving your AC the green light to revise or approve on your behalf, in order to reduce the need for additional rounds of revisions after approval has already been given. We want to make sure we’re speeding things up rather than inadvertently lengthening the process by potentially missing important details due to an incomplete understanding of your needs and expectations.
Your Account Coordinator will inform you at the time revisions are requested if Auto Approvals are applicable to your request. You can also reference these examples to get an idea of what we consider a minor amount of changes where 20% or less of the total asset is affected. The intention here is to proceed more quickly after applying simple changes we’re 100% confident you’ll approve, without taking up the time to secure formal approval and without giving risky approvals that are likely to be revoked by you later and therefore lengthen your overall project timelines.
Yes, your Account Coordinator will still update you on project progress by showing the latest approved proof or live asset link and informing you that we’ve moved forward to next steps. The only difference from our standard process is that we will not wait for your official acknowledgement/approval before moving forward with the process. If you do review something that your AC has approved that you realize shouldn’t have been, please let your AC know immediately and we’ll work on getting the needed changes taken care of as quickly as possible, as well as learning from you how we can get more clarity on your needs for future projects.
Auto Approvals can be applied for revisions requested on any Design Asset Tasks including emails, landing pages, forms, and social media assets. Salesforce or Pardot administrative tasks are not currently eligible for Auto Approvals at this time.
Questions and feedback?
If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Account Coordinator. Once the changes are implemented, we’d love to know what you think. Your feedback is always appreciated and will be carefully considered for future updates!