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In the world of thoughtful gift giving, there is a special, unique place held by the mixtape. 

A mixtape is a symbol of love forged in the fires of boomboxes at the whims of radio itself. Making them was a game of patience and strategy that added up to a snapshot of the human heart, and while the medium itself has gone the way of the dinosaurs, your team here at SalesLabX live our lives by the lessons we learned from these beautiful cultural antiquities.

We’ll Get to Know You

When you partner with us, you’re partnering with a team that operates far beyond the surface level. We meet with you, examine all the assets at your disposal, read your website, and do deep dives on all of your social media. We make sure we know what’s going to strike your fancy, and that was always an essential rule for making a mixtape: You had to know what the person liked!  The first ingredient to a good mixtape is heart. Write that down. We know you operate your organization a certain way, and to a degree, you like how things are. We appreciate that about you! We also know our way around digital marketing, automation, and design, so we have some fresh new ideas you might be able to groove to! Speaking of design…

Lead With Artistic Flair

Anyone who knows how to make a good mixtape knows that the art you put on the case can make or break it. You can’t just hand someone a tape with an uncustomized blank label and expect them to play it… We’ve all seen “The Ring.” No, what you need is a custom piece of art using all 3 colors of ball-point pen- something that reaches out to the recipient and pulls them in while demonstrating your dedication to the project. Our creative team exemplifies that dedication! We’ll use the myriad tools at our disposal to bring tears to the eyes of your prospects. Within seconds of loading up your landing page or email, your audience will be confident in your ability to provide. Building strong connections for our partners is all in a day’s work for us!

Track Listing Transparency

It’s essential to list all the songs and artists on the inside cover of the mix. This is non-negotiable. There were definitely folks that made mixtapes without this information, but if the recipient didn’t know what a certain song was, what were they supposed to do? Ask you? Who has the time? That extra step takes a person out of the overall experience, and besides that, any good mixtape artist knows that you can write poetry with song titles… duh. With us, the poetry is in the tasks we create for you. In Asana, where our tasks are managed, you’ll be able to see everything we’re doing for you in an organized, thoughtful way. Color coordination lets you know what’s in process or ready for review, we’ll pin recent comments so you don’t have to dig through a trench of random updates, and to top it off, those projects and changes move through our system fast. You won’t ever have to wonder what’s coming next! Instead you can just lay back, and appreciate the flow.

Let Us Create Your Marketing Mixtape

Mixtapes may no longer be a thing that people do for each other, but as we all know from science class, energy cannot be created or destroyed. We’ve taken the energy that once belonged to the noble mixtape, and we’ve applied it to our work, and how we do things. Request a demo from us today. Feel flustered and special again. Let us create something unique and heartfelt just for you.

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