Session 1

This Session guides you through the process of syncing and managing prospects between the Account Engagement and Salesforce platforms. It provides insights into setting up custom fields, dealing with sync errors, creating user journeys and optimizing your use of the platforms for better marketing outcomes.

Focus Areas: Account Engagement Salesforce Interaction, Prospects, Addressing Sync Errors, Deliverability Setup

Session 2

This session guides you through understanding the processes of journey mapping, engagement, segmentation, and automation in Account Engagement. It provides detailed instructions on creating, editing, and optimizing segments along with guidance on setting up Salesforce campaigns and automations, all aimed at enhancing the customer journey.

Focus Areas: Journey Mapping, Engagement, Segmentation, Automation, Campaigns

Session 3

This session provides a comprehensive overview on optimizing forms and form handlers in Salesforce Account Engagement platform. The detailed discussion includes key tactics like user engagement, conversion optimization, progressive profiling, and other strategic choices to enhance the form experience for the user. With the aid of real-life examples, and insights on iterative design changes, troubleshooting errors and setting up dynamic interactions based on pre-filled data. The session is designed to equip users with practical understanding of native forms and their potential in driving personalized and efficient interactions.

Focus Areas: Form Management, Conversion Optimization, Progressive Profiling, Error Handling, User Segmentation

Included In Your Masterclass Seat: Unlimited 1:1s

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