SLX Market Insights™

Data curated by us about your competitors with the express purpose of giving you an edge. Does that make us secret agents? Yes. Yes, it does.

Do you ever wonder what your competition is doing differently...

What kind of messaging they’re putting out to their customers and prospects? Sure, you can subscribe to their emails and scope out their strategy (if they haven’t already blacklisted you), but that can make a real mess of your inbox, and let’s face it, it takes a lot of time and effort to aggregate all that data!

So untie that bow, open the box, and let us give you the gift of data and time!

Save your energy, friends, because we’re bringing you all the data you could ever need, compiled into one easy-to-read report that will hit your inbox every month! Follow up to 15 of your competitors, and learn everything there is to know about their content calendar, email timing, their most commonly used words, and more!

Key Features

With this super convenient service that’s included with your SLX subscription, you’ll be getting amazing features such as:

An inbox designed for analysis

Keep your personal inbox clutter free while we collect all the email communications from your competitors in a special inbox just for you. Our experts will compile and analyze the data from these sends so you don’t have to lift a finger!

Detailed company reports

Monitor their content calendar, word clouds, and more. Compare email marketing strategy side-by-side.​ Easily track each company’s email tech stack.​

Monitor over a dozen trends

Identify the most common send times and days.​ Monitor adoption of email technology and tactics. See text to image ratio, most successful words used in subject lines, and more.

Visual campaign timelines

See key stats and technology behind each campaign.​ Track how many days pass between emails. ​View the full, original templates without having to click on each one.

Pretty cool, right?

There’s an awful lot involved with these new insights and tools, but it’s only the best for you, lovelies! Complete the form to let us know which brands you’d like to track, and we’ll show you how SLX Market Insights ™ can help your organization gain the edge you’ve been seeking!

Start Tracking Today!

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