Every visual element that is implemented in your brand can be crucial to your success. That’s why you should be keeping up with trends that are used in emails, landing pages, and general design aesthetics from year to year. The trends for this decade have already started to rise, and incorporating them in a way that works for your brand within Account Engagement (Pardot) just takes a little know-how!

Minimalism has been a massive trend in the design world for the past few years. This means the less-is-more mentality is king. It focuses on using lots of white space and muted colors, with pops of bright color reserved only for the most meaningful elements (CTAs, headlines, etc.).

Gradients may have been associated with web design from the ’90s, but they’re making a strong comeback. Understanding principles such as keeping your color scheme analogous and not using colors that vibrate too much (i.e. colors that hurt the eyes), is how you keep them looking elevated and modern.

This effect can be achieved by adding a subtle shadow to your images. It works best if the image backgrounds are transparent. Before uploading your image into Account Engagement (Pardot), try adding a soft drop shadow behind it. This can make even simple Account Engagement (Pardot) designs look stylish and dynamic.

Pro-Tip: Minimalism is a great strategy for Account Engagement (Pardot) email templates. Create templates with lots of white space that will translate well for multiple content scenarios.


Another trend that is now taking over amongst larger brands is the idea of anti-template emails and campaigns. This idea relies on the practice of creating fresh and new designs for everything that is being produced. You can implement anti-templates by not overusing Account Engagement (Pardot) email templates, and keeping your designs thoughtfully crafted and bespoke every time. Prospects pick up on this, and it helps them understand that what's being presented is something new and exciting that they need to pay attention to.

When it comes to marketing, staying relevant is an endless uphill battle. It can feel impossible to make things look beautiful and modern in Account Engagement (Pardot). But with creativity and determination, and an understanding of contemporary trends, you can absolutely make spectacular designs in Account Engagement (Pardot).

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