Going into 2021 can make you feel a bit uneasy when considering everything that occurred in 2020. Even with this uncertainty, many organizations are using this new and different time to reexamine goals and be better prepared for 2021. Planning for Salesforce is no different. Making sure your plan is solid for the upcoming year has never been more important.

New Dashboards:

One way to get ahead for 2021 is to decide if there are any additional dashboards that need to be added, and begin implementing them.

One dashboard we recommend is the “Sales Funnel Chart,” which allows you to see how your sales funnel breaks up and divides and where its weak points are. This can allow you to convey new direction to both your sales team and marketing team to help guide them.

Setup One-to-one Emails:

Setting up one-to-one emails for your sales team can be a huge help in the process of turning a prospect into a satisfied customer.

This can be done by planning out several emails that will be helpful when your sales team is engaging with prospects. These should typically be text-based emails that have a dynamic user signature setup. Plan to make several one-to-one emails that target various stages in the funnel for your sales team.

Know Your Failures:

Salesforce can provide key insight on a long term scale utilizing reports and dashboards like “The Long-term Pipeline Trend,” that provide a look into longer-term pickups and declines in sales.

These insights are where you can see failures and downturns that occurred in 2020 and plan on how to avoid them moving forward.

Turn On Einstein Lead Scoring:

Salesforce is now allowing organizations of any size to take advantage of this product. With Einstein Lead scoring, your leads are examined using both custom and standard fields to determine a score.

This allows your sales team to prioritize leads based on that continually updated score which can lead to better conversion rates overall.

2020 may have been a year that no one could completely plan for. But as we move through 2021, a new opportunity is being presented to take what’s been learned and turn that into better success overall.

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