Making your Content Stand Out

Getting lost in an inbox or being scrolled past altogether is an ongoing struggle in digital marketing. Prospects seem to be passing you up for your competitors or ignoring what you have to offer, and you just can’t seem to figure out why. The simple truth is that you may be getting overlooked because your emails and landing pages are lackluster, and just aren’t engaging your audience.

1. Don't Underestimate Dynamic Content

Dynamic content can be one of the most powerful Account Engagement (Pardot) tools when implemented properly. Going beyond your basic {{}} tag can drive surprisingly positive results. This applies to both emails and landing pages, as it can be used pretty much anywhere in Account Engagement (Pardot).

Try including dynamic content in both and watch your conversion rates shoot up! The rules that control dynamic content--and how it displays for each user--can be determined by any number of custom variables. In the beginning, try simply adapting the content for the different stages of a sales funnel. ​Someone in the commitment phase may not respond to the same call to action (CTA) as someone in the interest stage. It's the difference between "Request a Demo," and "Sign Up Today." If you make the CTA dynamic, both parties can get exactly what they need and you end up with a single landing page or email design that works for everyone.

Pro-Tip: Dynamic content can also apply to subject lines of emails! Try incorporating dynamic subject lines for your email sends to boost open rates.

2. Add A Limited Time Incentive

Much of the time, prospects won’t act on what you’ve provided because they believe it will always be available on the back burner. But if you were to provide an incentive that expires, that urgency can drive prospects into your sales funnel. This can be accomplished through emails, landing pages, and a combination of both of the two working together.

Include the pressing matter in subject lines and landing page titles as well (ex: “Only 7 Days Left, Don’t Miss Out”). Just make sure to not overuse this strategy as prospects can become numb to it if they see it too much.​

3. Utilize Testimonials

Odds are you already have plenty of satisfied customers with lots of good things to say about you! Problem is, your prospects have no idea! In the early stages when prospects might not know much about your organization, kind words from your happy customers can make for powerful social proof and instill confidence in your brand.

Try gathering some positive words from customers that can be incorporated into your content front and center.​ One good quote can tip the scale in your favor.

4. Simple & To The Point

It can be tempting to try and fit every single point you can think of in your email or landing page. But remember that no matter how well-worded and convincing your copy is, most prospects will only be skimming what you have to say. So keep it to the point and include only what they need to see.

If the content can be cut down and still get the main point across, then do it. And always provide large clear headlines for easy skimming!

Your content jumping out at your prospects is of the utmost importance. In a world where everything has gone digital and users are being inundated with messaging from every direction, keeping these tips in mind when planning out your content can make your voice the one that your prospects hear the loudest.

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