Accessibility in Your Marketing

Let’s be honest, when it comes to your marketing and content, you probably create and design it with one kind of person in mind. It’s not something you’re conscious of, but it’s the reality. You make these things without really considering disabled people because you assume that your way of consuming media is the default. Still, the fact of the matter is that many people in this world aren’t going to be able to see or hear your marketing the way you intended. This is not a bad thing, it’s just how the world is! Since it takes all kinds to make a world, it’s worth it to put in the extra effort to reach those people! Not only is it just a good gesture that will reflect well on your organization, but it’ll also unlock a potential customer base that you haven’t yet tapped into. How can you make your marketing more accessible? Let’s take a look!

Alt Text - A Few Words Are Worth a Picture

Screen readers allow blind or low-vision users to access

online content. Anything with text, their devices can read. Unfortunately, AI technology is not at the point where a computer can describe an image… At least not reliably or on a massive scale. To that end, it’s the least we can do to provide a small description of the image using alt text. Now, if you have a graphic advertising a sale or special pricing, that deal won’t be lost on the reader. It also bumps up your SEO! There’s no downside!

There’s More Than One Board to Surf the Web

You may not often think about it, but not everyone uses

a mouse when using a computer. There are a variety of accessibility devices that people can use. The best you can do for them is make sure that the different aspects of your site are set up for this. If a prospect can’t navigate your landing pages with the technology they have available, you can bet they won’t be sticking around. Just check your various input fields for widespread compatibility issues, and keep ‘em reading!

Know What Your Video Could Use? Words.

It may feel like adding captions to a video is obvious,

but then you look around at allllll the videos that don’t have them, and you realize that accessibility has a long way to go. It may take a bit of extra effort, but if you’re reaching more potential users, then why not make it part of your video-creation checklist? In addition to making your video easily understood by everyone, you also give people the ability to read it in spaces where they may not be able to listen to the sound. Accessibility benefits everyone!

What You May Miss With Colors

To many of us, green means “go” and red means “stop”, and we tend to think of that as universal. However, if you rely on these things to convey anything in your various materials,

you may be sending the wrong message. Those who are color-blind or might have some other visual disability may not interpret the colors the way you’re intending. Use of color is fine, but don’t make it necessary to understand your marketing materials. Red and green will have their places, but color should never be the only indicator of meaning.

Considering the impact it can have on you and your users, optimizing your content so that it’s accessible to a wide audience is a no-brainer. We should always put forth the effort to be more inclusive, and we should strive as organizations to set the bar for others. Millions of people the world over have various disabilities that cause them to interact with the world differently than you might, which is a significant amount of the population. It’s well past time to embrace them!

If you think you may need help implementing accessibility features–or maybe you just want to make sure they’re implemented correctly– we’re the ones for the job. Sign up for a demo today, and let’s make the world a simpler place to navigate for everyone.

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