Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the present and bright future of all marketing strategies. It’s programs and software that act intelligently and can be used to automate, categorize, and simplify all aspects of your campaigns, and there’s a decent chance that you’re already utilizing it and don’t even know! AI has worked itself into almost every industry you can think of, and the innovation that it breeds cannot be understated. So right now, while the AI is playing nice, and the machines haven’t risen up against us, let’s look at all the ways that you can use AI to further the grand plans you have for your organization.

The Computer Knows All

The online behavior of your customers can tell you an awful lot. You can learn how they navigate, how long they stay on particular pages, their buying habits, and even what they

might buy next. The internet itself is an orchard of trees whose branches are ripe with data, ready to be picked. All that information is just out there waiting for you to pluck it! But the orchard is too big to work by yourself, which is why you have AI with machine learning and analysis to help you! With the right implementation, you can create hyper-personal campaigns that speak to your prospects on a whole new level! To a degree, you can even predict what someone is going to be interested in later on, allowing you to create an in-depth, long-term sales funnel with relative ease.

“This Appeals To Me”

We’ve talked to you about dynamic content before, and how it can crank your ROI through the roof by putting tailor-made messages in front of your prospects. Well, that’s what AI

is good for! With all the data that your customers are putting out into the environment, just by browsing and existing online, your AI can find the most relevant users for you and put your ads in front of that. It wasn’t long ago that online ads were directionless and without nuance, but what do you see now? Ads tailored specifically for you! Things that you’d swear you never even searched for are popping up. How is that done? Well, one way is by using AI! It’s dynamic content and creating that personalized experience. Despite what the film Terminator says, AI learning more about people can be beneficial for you!

Chattin’ Up The Prospects

AI can talk when you can’t. That’s right! If you have prospects visiting your site wanting to know more about certain aspects of your organization, you can actually enlist the

help of an AI-powered chatbot to take on some of those inquiries! At times when your representatives aren’t available to field customer questions, the bot can be your living FAQ. Now you have an intuitive AI that not only levels up your customer experience, but you have a data-gathering resource that can tell you where your other resources are lacking. Keep getting the same questions asked? That needs to be a landing page, right there! Remember that chatbots can’t be your catch-all, though. If a prospect still has questions, you should make it easy enough for them to contact you directly–at least via email. Denying a customer that avenue entirely will not go well for you. (Rage tweets, anyone?)

The Price Is Right

AI can even be used to provide you with an advantageous pricing model! That’s right! As the day goes on, and the AI gathers data, it can adjust your prices to where you’re

getting the most ROI possible. Think about what Uber does with what they call “surge pricing”. It can determine what a customer is willing to pay you and compares your prices with that of your competition. The learning computer brain is always looking out for you, it seems!

And this is only the beginning. In only a few short years, AI has gone from a niche marketing tool to a marketing necessity, and it’s only going to go up from there. Those chatbots are only going to become more advanced–generating leads and doing work behind the scenes to upgrade your sales funnel. Those AI prices will get so much more intuitive that you won’t even have to pay them any mind! Even your ad campaigns will reach all the correct people thanks to AI, and that’s only the beginning.

AI tools are already at work in Salesforce and the Marketing Cloud, and they can already be leveraged to great benefit. If you want the wise, all-knowing computer brain on your side, why not reach out for a demo? We can introduce you to the world of automation, and maybe dip your toes in all the futuristic possibilities. You won’t know until you reach out!

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