Email marketing has been around since the invention of… well, email. Direct communication to your prospects and partners in easily digestible bursts? What’s not to like? While it takes a little work, email marketing should be one of your main focuses, and it’s still going to be one of your main conversion tools.

That’s why automating the little parts of your email process that take up a lot of your time is going to be key to your success.

Say it Simple

AI like ChatGPT can help you sum up your copy, no problem! Do you want to write a brief summary of a blog post for an email advertising that blog post? Feed it into the machine and use a prompt like, “Condense this post into a paragraph 2-3 sentences long to be used in the body of an email”. ChatGPT will know what you’re looking for and give a basic overview!

Your Name Here

Variable tags in your emails will automatically populate your emails with specific information that pertains to your recipient. Have you ever gotten an email that used your name or job title? This is that! It makes everything feel more friendly and personal. 

Dynamic Doesn’t Stop There!

In the broader sense, dynamic content can do more than just personalize the text. We’ve created emails for clients that are automatically populated with images of custom book covers each prospect had ordered before and placed them in a template that made it look like children were holding them. It’s a more meaningful experience!

Automation Rules!

Sending emails in a campaign is so much easier when those emails send themselves. Automation rules can determine which emails have been opened, when they were opened, and send follow-up emails after a predetermined amount of time. Certain actions can trigger certain events, and automation rules are retroactive, so none of your prospects are missed!

Even Your Lists are Smart

Prospects can become partners in no time flat, but if you’re seeing a lot of conversions, then it could be tough to remember to take them off the prospect email list. With a dynamic list, you could make sure that when a prospect has a new closed-won opportunity, they are automatically removed from the prospect list and added to your customer email list. It’s just that easy! All you need to do is set the rule!

Automation for your emails is only going to get better and more comprehensive. AI is making broad, sweeping changes unlike anything we’ve ever seen, so make sure your team is ready to jump on any emerging technologies!

If you need help with that, then we already have a team ready to go! We think it’s about time we booked you a demo, wouldn’t you say? Let’s get your email automation train moving!

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