The more a prospect trusts an organization as an industry leader, the more likely it is that they’ll be drawn further into the sales funnel. Even though establishing credibility may seem like a daunting task, there are several steps you can take to build trust with these prospective customers.

Keep Your Blog Up To Date

An up to date blog lets prospects know that an organization is more than just a puff of smoke with a keyboard. It shows that you care enough to continually address the problems that face your environment, and to update those interested with new developments in your industry.

To keep an up to date blog, it’s recommended to set goals for how many times you’re going to post. Having that frequency in mind keeps you consistent, and consistency is key in gaining that prospect trust.

Pro-Tip: A great way to add additional benefit to the blog section of your website is to add an Account Engagement (Pardot) form that allows prospects to reach out to you with any questions they might have, or to offer something like a free demo.

Build An About Us Page

An About Us page can help prospects see you in a new friendlier, more relatable light. It can make you seem real and reliable when done correctly. Remember, the tone of it should match the tone of your organization.

For instance, if your organization has a more serious feel, you wouldn’t want to approach your About Us page in a joking way. Keep in mind the tone you want to set. Do you want to feel relatable or just trustworthy? Those ideas should guide the design. Also, keep in mind that any links embedded in the About Us page should be tracked as custom redirects to make sure you know how your prospects are engaging with the page.

Utilize Case Studies & Testimonials

Case studies and customer testimonials can help quickly establish credibility for an organization. Prospects trust the words of someone who faced the same problems as them more so than they might trust an organization that is trying to engage with them apropos of nothing.

Take time to build case studies and meet with happy customers to get their testimonials. If you’re doing a good job, they’ll usually be more than willing.

Stay On Prospects Minds

There are several ways to accomplish this, but the most simple one is by keeping your email marketing up to date. Using the resources that are built out to establish credibility (i.e. blogs and case studies as mentioned above),

develop a campaign focused on informing prospects of why they should trust you. Establish yourself as the solution to their problem, and show them how and why through those strategic emails.

When establishing credibility, prospects should feel that not only will your organization meet their needs, but also that you are trustworthy enough to follow through. Using the credibility ideas above should give any organization the steps it needs to start establishing that coveted trusting rapport with prospects.

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