Improve Campaign Reporting

Streamline Campaign Management

1:1 Relationship in Salesforce & Pardot Campaigns



Match your Pardot Campaigns to a Salesforce Campaign. This is called Campaign Alignment.


Configure your Pardot instance to only use Salesforce Campaigns.


Go to Pardot and make a new form or make a new email. Simply select the relevant Salesforce Campaign instead of the Pardot Campaign.
Never make another Pardot Campaign! Save time and only create Salesforce Campaigns.
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What Is Connected Campaigns:

Gone are the days of having to keep up with campaigns in two detached locations. With Pardot’s Connected Campaign feature, tracking Pardot Campaigns and Salesforce Campaigns just got so much easier.
Connected Campaigns is an easy way to keep up with both your Pardot Campaigns and your Salesforce Campaigns. It alleviates the need to balance two separate campaigns from Salesforce and Pardot. Instead, unifying the two in one location.
This improvement makes life easier for campaign users because it eliminates the need for disjointed campaigns. This allows you to improve, streamline, and cut down the time spent managing campaigns.
If you haven’t turned on Connected Campaigns, here are a few reasons that you definitely should.

Improve Your Campaign Reporting:

A huge benefit you’ll see with Pardot Connected Campaigns is having the results of your marketing efforts on the Campaign’s layout page in Salesforce. This allows you to view results such as Open Rate, Form Views, and Unique Clicks all in an easy to read format.
You can also choose to customize what engagement fields you’re able to see and how. That way the campaign experience can be tailor made to best suit the needs of your company.

Streamline Campaign Management:

Through Connected Campaigns, you’ll now enjoy the convenience of being able to check all your campaigns and all their associated assets through Salesforce. Going forward when setting up a new email, a new form, or any other task that requires a campaign, you will simply select the Salesforce Campaign instead of the Pardot Campaign.
This streamlines the entire process of campaign management, especially if your organization makes a Pardot Campaign for every Salesforce Campaign. Producing a much more user friendly experience all around.

1:1 Relationship in Salesforce & Pardot Campaigns:

Another impressive feature is when you first transition to Connected Campaigns you have the ability to connect all your campaigns in Pardot and Salesforce in bulk. When these campaigns share names, it’s as easy as filling out the excel workbook with campaign names, and reuploading it.
This way you’ll never make another Pardot Campaign! You will only need to make Salesforce Campaigns from then on.
Pardot’s Connected Campaign is a feature that makes managing Leads and Contacts through your campaigns effortless. Start using this feature today and let us assist you through the process! Fill out the form about to receive a complimentary walkthrough of Connected Campaigns.
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