Landing pages are a sure-fire and industry-standard way of converting a visitor to a prospect and then a customer. However, many landing pages lack the ability to grasp onto those visitors and instead allow possible prospects to slip away. But fear not! Utilizing these tips, you can be sure to have high conversion rates on all your landing pages.

Get Visitor Information Early

You want to make sure to present a form to capture a visitor’s email as soon as they’re on the page. Presenting the form high on the page if not the first thing they see makes the pathway for visitors clear and easy to use. Don’t make visitors dig around to find where they should be interacting, otherwise you might lose out on converting them at all.

Show Why Visitors Should Trust You

A visitor should never have the thought, “Should I really trust this organization?” To ensure that this isn’t the case, offer them reassurance that you are both credible and trustworthy. Adding a header and footer to your pages with your logo is a way to build this trust and let prospects know you are exactly who you say you are.

Another great way to establish credibility is to add testimonials or other forms of social proof to your landing page. Referencing text, video, and other types of customer testimonials can help you create rapport with your visitors.

Pro-Tip: Even if you always include a header and footer on landing pages, this doesn’t mean you need to have your standard navigation menu, as that can navigate prospects away from the content you really want them to engage with.

Create Curiosity & Excitement

Visitors shouldn’t be bored by what you’re presenting them. Instead, every headline should spark a sense of urgency and excitement. Adding questions or promises to headlines helps with that. Also, try incorporating hard-hitting statistics that represent the points you’re trying to make.

Stay Consistent

Your ads shouldn’t have a totally foreign look to your landing pages. In fact, the design of one should directly influence the design of the other. They should exist as if they all come from the same campaign with the same design schemes. That way, when a visitor is visiting your landing page from an ad they will immediately recognize the content as familiar to what they’ve seen.

Design Is Important

The design of what you’re presenting should never be overlooked. Having a landing page that is as beautiful as it is effective can be a strong tool in helping with conversions. Prospects want to look at pleasing things, and the more pleasing the design the longer they are going to look at it. Keep them engaged with your landing pages by present them something with powerful imagery and graphics at every turn, that flows smoothly from one point to the next.

High converting landing pages translate directly into ROI for an organization. Have landing pages that visitors want to engage with is vital to all of your digital marketing success and connects with nearly everything you do digitally.

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