Some information about your product or service is going to be more important than other information. Sure, it all serves the overall purpose of your marketing strategy, but to manage it properly, you’re going to have to determine a hierarchy of this information. It will influence your campaigns, web design, and overall ROI as an organization… Basically everything. Your CTA at the tippy-top of the hierarchy is going to be your “North Star” CTA, and determining which CTA that is and forming a campaign around it is going to be immensely helpful. Let's dive in and learn a bit about this process, shall we?

Determining The Most Important CTA

The first step in finding your North Star CTA is to figure out the most important action your prospective customers should be engaging in.

Typically, this is going to be your “request a demo” or your “contact us” page/form. Wherever you want the most engagement, that’s your current North Star. If that somehow isn’t the most important CTA--or the most important CTA isn’t prominent enough--you’re going to want to rework that. Your North Star is your guiding light, and like the sailors of old, you’re going to navigate using it.

Pro-Tip: A good rule of thumb for the North Star CTAs on your website is to make sure that they’re prominently featured at least once on every single page of your website. A non-invasive way of doing that is to simply add it to the menu at the top of the page.

Tracking The CTA

Make sure that once your North Star CTA is in place that you’re tracking the heck out of it!

This means custom redirects on all the buttons, with entirely different ones for different pages. If you want to take your engagement tracking a step further, you can add progressive profiling and contingent fields to your Account Engagement (Pardot) form if the page your CTA is directing to contains one.

Create Conversion Campaigns

Once you have your streamlined CTA in place and prominently displayed on your website, the next step is to incorporate campaigns specifically built to drive traffic to the CTA.

After all, most organizations have a wide audience in their email lists that aren’t visiting their website every day. How can you grab them? Well, you get creative with the campaign built around that North Star CTA! Add in exciting motivators for your prospects that make them want to click, fill out the form, and convert. This can be as simple as listing the benefits of the product you’re promoting, or as complex as offering rewards for filling out the form, like product discounts or gift cards. Give it a thought, and you’ll certainly come up with a unique way to drive those clicks!

Creating a North Star CTA should be an integral part of your marketing strategy. Display it loudly and proudly, and have campaigns built to drive traffic headlong into it. Once that North Star CTA is in place with targeted marketing efforts driving the right folks towards it, it will open a whole new world of prospects that will soon be converting through your sales funnel.

Need help determining your top CTA?

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