As a marketing professional, you know that for a campaign to be successful, you need a landing page. It tells the prospect what to expect in exchange for their information, provides the form to collect said information, and has the ability to collect data, showing you where the prospect navigated from, how far down the page they read, and other valuable factors that you can use to fine-tune your campaigns.

It’s not that simple, though. There are certain things you need to do to make your landing page successful, and even more important, there are things you need to avoid completely, or they will kill the effectiveness of your page.

So here’s your list of Landing Page mistakes to avoid!

It’s Not Optimized For Mobile

There’s no way of defending this. A MASSIVE number of prospects are going to be viewing your landing page on their phone. Don’t make it hard on them. They’re one swipe from leaving your page in the dust, so don’t give them a reason!

You Don’t Have a ‘Thank You’ Page

Once the prospects enter their information, you still have a job to do! A good ‘thank you’ page can be used to show additional value using testimonials or data. It’s a cherry on top that makes them feel good about their decision to give you info!

Your CTAs Are Toothless

Your CTAs may be telling people to click, but they also need to show why they should click. Use these to show your value as well! Don’t just say, “Start Free Trial”. Do something punchy like, “Start Leveraging Your Data”. It’s the push they need!

Your Page loads Slowly

In an effort to make your page look nice, you may have piled too much on, resulting in a slow load time. You want all your elements to load as quickly as possible. Prospects will be looking for fast-loading content, and they don’t want to wait!

Your LP Doesn’t Match Your Ad

Either through copy, design, or a combination of those and other factors, if your landing page isn’t relevant to your ad, it’s going to throwthrough your prospects for a loop. They clicked the ad for a reason, and your LP needs to speak to that.

You’re Not A/B Testing

Not only are you missing out on a massive source of strategic data, but you’re kneecapping your campaign strategy. You need to know what works and what doesn’t to make the best landing pages possible.

It Has Too Many Words

Your goal is to make fast, scannable points that push the reader to input their info. If you’re writing whole novels on your landing page, that reader is much more likely to lose interest. Keep it short and succinct.

It Has Excessive Form Fields

Short and sweet wins again. Asking for too much info from your reader will lead to them losing the motivation to give you info at all. Only collect the most important data. If you need more than that, break the form down into digestible sections. This is why progressive profiling works so well!

When it comes to landing pages, no one has a spotless track record. If you read this list and one or more of these errors jumped out as something your landing pages are guilty of, all is not lost! You can still turn those landing pages around into lean, mean, conversion machines.

If you want our expert opinion on the matter, you’ve got it! Sign up for a free demo today, and we can take a look at your landing pages, see what is or isn’t working, and make a plan to course correct. Reclaim that lost ROI, and let’s build a landing pages you can be proud of!

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