Summer is coming! Feel that heat? That coming sun? Soon the rains will wistfully drift away for a time, and then it’s all beaches and bike rides! With summer comes a lot of new adventures. You gotta pick just the right swimsuit, find the inflatable pool on Amazon with the best reviews, and decide just how long is too long to be in the sun.

While you’re making these changes, Salesforce is doing the same thing! Summer is looking *HOT* for Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (formerly Pardot), with a whole slew of new upgrades and features that’ll make your marketing experience feel like that first lick of a summer ice cream cone. Let’s light this firecracker!

Conditional Completion Actions

Most of you know what completion actions are: They’re actions you set to trigger when a prospect interacts with an

email, landing page, form, or other marketing asset. Once it’s there, it’ll go no matter what. Generally not a huge deal, but a feature that people have been wanting an update to for quite a while now.

Now it’s here! Conditional Completion Actions allow you to add criteria to your completion actions, which is to say ‘if the prospect field value is A, then do B, however, if the prospect field value is X, then do Y. Normally, B would happen automatically, but not anymore! Not if you don’t want it to! It’s a simple change, but a nice one, for sure. So many possibilities!

Bounce Reports: Easier Than Ever

Bounces are important to understand for your marketing strategy, and strictly speaking, it’s never been super taxing to gather that data, but it just got a little bit simpler, and we

do love simple around here, don’t we? The new bounce reports represent the sends across all of your lists and not just individual ones. The email addresses displayed in the bounce list will all be from *all* sends over the past year. Neat!

The Landing Page Builder Is Now Bigger and Better!

You want a landing page? Well, making one just got a whole lot easier! Enhanced tag support in the code fields, enhanced

input attributes, iframe support, and support for longer landing page names are among some of the new changes that have been added to make your landing page experience flow a little more smoothly.

And So Much More!

Those are the big changes, but as always, there’s plenty more! Salesforce doesn’t take little nibbles, they take big ol’ bites, and these summer updates are no exception! Their website has more information, but if what you need is hands-on expertise making sure that your Marketing Cloud environment is running as efficiently as possible, then you can do no better than SalesLabX!

Reach out for a free demo today. Updates or no updates, we’ve got a team of polished and tested experts prepared to take your organization to new heights! Give yourself the SLX advantage!

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