When we partner with an organization, we make sure that their dedicated Account Coordinator meets with them on a regular basis to make sure that everyone is on the same page, and that we’re heading in the right direction in pursuit of their goals.

However, when it’s your organization we’re working with, we realize sometimes you may not know what exactly you want out of a session. Maybe you aren’t clear on where your marketing strategies need to go, maybe your goals aren’t clear, or maybe you just didn’t have time to prepare for the video call.

We’ve got you. Here are some tips to maximize your strategy session, and take full advantage of your time with us!

Identify Your Goals

Maybe you’re unsure of what your goals should be. That’s okay! Ask your AC what they think your focus should be. After all, they helped audit all your data, and they know where you’re at!

Plan Ahead!

If you have product launches, webinars, flash sales, or any other event on the horizon, let us know! The earlier in advance that we know about it, the better! It lets us set aside the time to build a proper drip to promote it.

Dream BIG

Between sessions, make a list of the things you wish you could do, but you just don’t have the time or any idea where to begin. Expanding to new demographics? Increase your social media following? Improve vetting of MQLs? There are ways of accomplishing your goals, and we know how to get you there! You need only ask!

Refine Some Ideas

Do you have a campaign you’ve been thinking about trying, but you’re not sure how it’ll perform? Your AC is an expert! They’ve seen plenty of campaigns come and go, and they can take what starts as a basic idea, and build it into something viable.

Discuss Your Data

This may seem simple, but a data deep dive can really open your eyes to focus points you may be missing. From individual campaigns to overall ROI progression, your AC knows how to interpret your various Salesforce dashboards, and can tell you what’s working, and what isn’t.

Scope Out The Competition

Thanks to Monthly Marketing Insights from SLX, you can take a minute to look at competing strategies! What are your competitors doing that you’re not? What strengths do you have that give you an edge? How can you focus on those strengths? This kind of analysis can benefit your strategy in a major way!

Review Marketing Trends

Is your strategy feeling a little… dated? Stale? Your Account Coordinator has up-to-date knowledge of marketing trends and is an expert in new and developing strategies used by big-name enterprises. Seems like it’s time to upgrade!

Speak Honestly and Candidly

You’re working with your AC, and as such, your session should be a dialogue between you! Be open about what you believe is or isn’t working, be open to suggestions and constructive criticisms, and don’t sugar coat anything! Honesty and transparency will take you far!

Your account coordinator is here to help you build your organization into something incredible and unmatched. They’re committed to your goals, and they take pride in what they do for you. No matter what, your strategy sessions are going to be game-changing, but why not use them to their utmost potential?

Don’t have a strategy session set up? What do you mean you haven’t partnered with SalesLabX yet? You could be missing that spark that sets off all the fireworks! Reach out for a free demo today, and build something amazing!

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