We’re continually trading time for money. That’s just the nature of business. You put in the time, and in return, you get cash back. When you run an organization, you’re asking your team (your internal subscribers) to trade their time as well, and then you’re giving them money in return. Your profit comes from the excess money earned after that agreed-upon time trade. You’ll use that money to enhance your business–making needed changes and enhancements that bring in even more money, and making the time being traded by you and your team even more valuable.

Issues begin to arise, however, when that time is effectively being lost when it doesn’t need to be. They say that money can’t buy time, but that’s not entirely true! You can buy skills, which can shorten the time it takes to achieve your organizational goals.

What Is “Ramp-Up” Costing You?

Having a good internal team is great, don’t get us wrong. There’s a lot of value to having processes and tasks completed in-house, as it gives you a large degree of transparency and control over the finished product.

That internal team takes time to build, though, and you might be ready for expansion right now! While you wait for that team to accumulate all the necessary skills and build that report with one another, you’re having to push your timeline back. You still want the team, but you need that cohesion ASAP.

Keep Your Expansion Period Short

You’ve built something successful with your organization, and it allows you to push and innovate in ways that a lot of businesses can’t when they’re just starting out. Tools and systems that were once completely out of your reach are now readily available options for you to explore and implement in the interest of growing and expanding.

It’s for that reason that you should consider investing in an external team. You can still push to have your own internal team that can take care of marketing or development, but you won’t need to wait for them.

The In-House Dream With an External Team

The transparent team of experts that you can rely on is the foundation of what SalesLabX brings to your marketing space. We work for you as an internal team would, and we provide that transparency and familiarity that you may not have been able to cultivate within your own org yet. We even take it a step further and offer a subscription-based model, which tells you that we’re going to get the job done correctly the first time!

Everything to Gain

You’re still not sure about spending your money to get more time. We know that it can be hard to adjust your way of thinking to include this new paradigm, so let’s look at some of the benefits of investing in an external team to take control of your marketing.

Rather than cobbling together an internal team with skills that don’t quite mesh, the external team has laser-focused cohesion and battle-tested processes already established. They’re a strike team for your marketing.

With trends and technologies that are always shifting and changing, it can be hard to keep up without that specialized team. When you bring in that external department, you’re bringing their knowledge base and resources. Their job depends on them being up-to-date, and they’ll always bring that to their work.

With your internal team still getting up to speed, the external one can be there to show them the ropes. When they make choices of development, copywriting, or design, they’re going to explain why they made the choices they made and be able to pass that knowledge along. The inherent transparency that an external team needs to have will lead to an invaluable sharing of knowledge.

An established team is going to be able to work with you at any point in your organizational growth. You won’t get any more services than you need, and as you grow, the team can adapt to your needs. Training your team to use new tools doesn’t take up time where you can be productive anymore! Your team can learn from the external department, but you waste no time scaling up.

The idea that money can’t buy time is not a new one, but it doesn’t hold true in every scenario. Time is different when you consider how it flows in a business sense. When you have the means, buying the skills you need to advance your dreams and vision can feel like a risky maneuver, but it becomes more and more common every day. Time to scale up precisely when you’re ready, and no more waiting around!

To see how an external team can handle your marketing, reach out to us here at SalesLabX. We’re the external marketing team you can partner with that’s subscription-based, and at the top of our game! Sign up for a free demo, and let us show you the kind of top-notch skills you can buy.

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