Email sending is second nature for many marketers and Account Engagement (Pardot) users. At SalesLabX we encounter email scheduling and sending on nearly a daily basis. But in these encounters, we also see plenty of fundamental misunderstandings about when you should be sending an email. This happens despite the fact that email scheduling is almost as important as functionality, design, and subject lines. With the correct knowledge for when to schedule an email, you can better understand audiences and see the difference in your open rates.

What Days To Send On

When looking at a calendar of days of the week Account Engagement (Pardot) users will often just select the day that seems most convenient and clear without much thought. This can be a huge mistake.

When planning your email also consider what the email purpose is and who it will be going to. For instance, if you are sending a B2C email for consumers Fridays have the highest open rate of the week. This could be because general buyers feel more relaxed and open to purchase at the end of the week. However, that can work to your disadvantage if you’re sending a B2B email or a more business B2C email(i.e. A product a business would be interested in purchasing as opposed to an individual.)

For promotional emails that are B2B or B2C but on the business side, stay away from Fridays. Prospects are just trying to finish up to close up shop for the week and will often times not want to put something new on their plate. Instead, opt-in for a Thursday or a Tuesday which can have better results and higher click through rates. But generally, any day Monday-Thursday tends to be relatively safe.


Avoid sending emails on the weekends. Saturday and Sunday tend to have the worst click-through and conversion rates of the week.

What Times To Send On

This is another instance where it’s important to know the intention and audience for your emails. Is your email promotional? Is it being sent to people who work in an office during the day?

What time zone will the majority of the people opening this email be in? All are important factors to keep in mind. For the actual scheduling time, most experts agree that 10 A.M. (around when prospects start to get to work) and 1 P.M. (right after lunch), are the most guaranteed success for click through rates. But there is significant evidence that sending emails earlier in the morning can also have success as it means your email might be the first one a prospect sees in their day.

Don’t be afraid to test send days and times across several emails. Remember, Account Engagement's (Pardot's) biggest benefit is data. Utilize it to gain knowledge about what send times are most effective with your prospects.

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