Both social media and emails can bring up an “old versus new” debate. But the fact of the matter is digital marketing shouldn’t neglect email or social media as both can be powerful tools. Instead, they should work together to improve your brand marketing and reach even more prospects in meaningful ways.

Email and social media integration is powerful when put into action. But it brings up the question “How do I achieve this?” Here are some helpful strategies that can push you in the right direction.

Remind Prospects

Depending on how you’ve gained your followers there is a decent chance that they might be unaware of you having a newsletter. Depending on the social media outlet this can look different. Check out the guide below to plan for each of the most common social media outlets.


Instagram doesn’t allow you to add links in your posts. So you’ll need to create an eye-catching design or photo that reminds prospects of your newsletter and tells them to click the link in your bio to sign up.

Pro-tip: Instagram only allows you to have one link in your bio at a time, so use this link wisely.

Facebook & LinkedIn:

These can be two of the more friendly environments for linking prospects to sign-up for your newsletter/email marketing materials. It allows you to link an image or add a link to your caption that is directly clickable.


In many ways, Twitter is a different beast entirely. It provides users a more purely text-based experience; although you do have the option to add an image. Try promoting your newsletter here with a short and concise text-based tweet to your audience, paired with a bright image to help draw their eye.

Social Focused Campaign

When growing your social media audience it can help to engage with your email prospects. Create a drip campaign to prospects promoting your social media to them. Try focusing on one of your outlets that needs some help or that you put more of your information on.

Offer prospects an incentive to follow you on one of your social media accounts. This incentive can be generic like a twenty-five dollar Amazon gift card, or something more specific like a discount on the services your organization offers.

Recycle Content Across Platforms

This is a common strategy used in social media marketing alone (i.e. Instagram and Twitter utilizing the same content). However, you can also do this with your email content as well.

Consider this circumstance, you’ve just created a case study that’s being promoted in your newsletter. Also, promote it to your social media audiences! This strategy can help increase engagement in your campaigns.

Social media and email marketing should work hand in hand to help your brand. Using them together as opposed to always keeping them separate can not only create cohesiveness between two different audiences but also increase engagement in the content you promote.

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