If you’ve been following us for a while, you know that we love getting creative with Account Engagement (Pardot) and finding ways to use it for things you wouldn’t even expect. Obviously, there are huge advantages in using it for automation in your marketing process, but how much thought have you given to using it internally to nurture your team members? We here at SalesLabX like to think that we have both internal and external subscribers. The external ones are the other businesses that subscribe to our services to better their marketing and automation, and our internal subscribers are our team members. They’re subscribing as well; investing their time and energy instead of money. In many ways, it’s just as important to make sure those internal subscribers are getting a good return on their investment as it is for your customers. If they feel welcome, prepared, and generally taken care of, they’re going to pass that energy into the tasks they complete. Account Engagement (Pardot)--when being used in an optimal way--can be an invaluable tool to onboard new teammates, assist with training, and maintain a caring, thoughtful company culture.

Welcome Aboard!

When you bring new team members into your organization, there’s a lot that needs to be covered to make sure they are well-prepared to start their new role and feel welcomed. By using Account Engagement (Pardot)’s automation tools, you can send the necessary forms and emails exactly when they need it.

Trigger different workflows depending on where they are in the process so that they’re able to get themselves started without your onboarding team having to devote themselves to the task. When it comes to essential employee reading--such as the welcome email we send when they’re hired, the one we send when they’re a week from starting, and the last one they get the day before they start (which are filled with important information and links -- and filling out forms like the ones that need to be filled out to take advantage of their workplace stipend, you can’t go wrong setting up those custom paths in Account Engagement (Pardot) either.

If You Don’t Know, Now You Know!

When it comes to training, there’s a lot of coordination that’s required in order to get a new team member up to speed, and floor ready. Drip nurturing and automation can help with that! Traditionally, there are specific start dates for certain positions so that you can put all your new team members through the training all at once.

However, since a lot of jobs are still operating remote, this doesn’t have to be the case. Using automation, you’d actually be able to know specifically where someone is in their training process, and then have the relevant materials ready-to-send when they reach certain milestones. You could set 30, 60, and 90 day goals and have related training materials sent out based on their start date. Drip nurturing is also a great tool for releasing information in small, easily digestible bites so that the new team member doesn’t get overloaded. The automation already knows the curriculum, because you set it up in the beginning, and it can be tweaked at any point, which is powerful customization, even though it seems very simple!

Maintain The Culture

As with everything in life, it doesn’t have to be all business! Account Engagement (Pardot) automation can be used for a variety of different actions that are fun and make your people feel valued. Automated work anniversary emails to show appreciation for your hard-working team members?

An automation that can send a personalized birthday email (with a Pardot form linking to a choice of gift)? People love when they’re remembered; when they know someone is thinking of them, and Account Engagement (Pardot) automation is a great way to do that.

Homemade Data, Straight From The Oven

All of this outward flowing information is great for your new hires, but don’t forget that with Account Engagement (Pardot), you also have that stream of data flowing back to you.

You’re able to see some great analytics on engagement, showing you things like how long someone spends on a certain training page, engagement rates with communications from important figures within the company, and which pages and resources are being used the most. You could use that to fine tune your training program, making it even stronger, among other things!

Your team members have a choice where they invest their time and energy. They’re not just replaceable assets that you can swap out like lightbulbs, and good talent is difficult to find. Remember, they’re your internal subscribers, and they’re just as important as your external ones. Nurturing them is going to give your organization the strongest foundation possible, but that doesn’t have to be a struggle to accomplish

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