We can say with almost 100% certainty that in your daily life, there are certain products that you buy based on the brand alone. They don’t even necessarily have the superior product, but something keeps you coming back, doesn’t it? This is commonly referred to as “brand loyalty”, and cultivating it is what’s going to keep your customers around, and organically grow your business via their recommendations and word of mouth. Brand loyalty has dropped in recent years, as consumers are much more likely to research different options, but loyal customers are always going to be the most profitable customers; much more likely to buy, and much easier to advertise to.

So what can your organization do in order to increase your brand loyalty? What steps can you take to make sure that your customers choose you over the rest? Let's look at some steps you can take today. Remember when you’re reading these, that we here at SalesLabX execute these steps on a daily basis, and that we can do it for you! So sign up for a demo, and let's talk it out.

Engage With Your Users!

This is the first tip, because it is the most important. The way customers interact with your brand can make or break your entire reputation, so it’s extremely important to make sure

you’re putting extra emphasis on this aspect of your organization. Your goal is to build a sense of community with your customers. When you’re posting about news, sales, or events on your social media, do your best to keep it conversational. Ask questions, reply to the answers, and give the overall impression that you can be easily reached. Social media is great for that!

Engagement doesn’t end there, though. Another huge aspect of interacting with your customers is the customer service you provide. A lot of organizations have opted out of phone contact as an avenue, so email and social media are going to be your focal points. If you get a complaint or report on social media, it’s on you to respond to it swiftly, and in a way that doesn’t feel impersonal. Too often we see automated responses to complaints on social media, and it just hurts our little hearts to read. Don’t be that organization. Designate someone to properly respond to those messages, so that you’re not only providing good customer support, but your followers and the people who follow the person who wrote the message will all be able to see it. As for email, just try and hit a good response time, and make sure you’re addressing all the concerns in the initial message.

Hear The Cries Of The People

Many of the organizations that fizzle out state that there just wasn’t a market for what it was they were selling. While that may simply be their perception, there is a lesson that can be

earned here. The more you engage with your users, the more you’re able to discover what it is that they need. You’ll find that customers will often engage with you and tell you where you’re lacking, and while that may feel bad at first, you should see them as a chance to grow! If there’s something just outside your scope that they would benefit from, it may be worth researching, and looping into your business model. You may be thinking, “We do one thing, and we do it well”, which is completely valid! But in a world where a customer can research countless other options, you have to consider that other organizations may simply be able to offer them more than you do. We’re not saying to change everything about what you do, but be aware of opportunities for evolution, as it will keep your business strong in the long run.

Up Your Design Game!

A great logo? Identifiable visual style across all platforms? It may not seem like a huge deal, but good design is incredibly important. Think about all the corporate logos you know.

You could spot the Pepsi logo from 300 yards away spray painted on the side of a moving train and know exactly what it was. You should seek out that level of recognizability. Something that is distinctly you that people can see and know precisely where it came from. If you look at our resource page, you can see our various articles lovingly adorned with hand-crafted graphics that have a set color palette, and fit the persona we want to put out in the world. Consistency is key to crafting a recognizable brand. Many organizations will make the mistake of thinking that style is something the common consumer won’t pick up on, but remember: if you’re marketing to other businesses, they’re going to want to see a strong, identifiable brand. Don’t skimp, and don’t underpay your creatives. Trust in them to be up on design trends, and budget it out. Consider it to be a strong investment in your brand going forward.

People Love Incentives

When someone uses you once, they’re that much more likely to return to use you again. Familiarity, and knowing what to expect are huge motivators, but sometimes, your

customers need a little push. Sales, giveaways, and or a rewards program are often the exact thing people need to be swayed towards your business. If you have a new service you’re offering, consider making it available to rewards members ahead of time, or offering a free trial. If your customers feel like they’re getting all these extras with their investment, they’re going to see your organization as valuable. No matter the motivator, make sure you accompany it with a healthy email drip, and hearty promotion! Let everyone know that working with you is a festival of deals, and they’ll all tell their friends!

Brand loyalty is something that can be forged for any organization, but you need to be able to execute these steps in a way that's visible, consistent, and clear. Email drips, great design, and developers that can execute your vision are crucial. If your marketing department needs a little bit of assistance in that area, then reach out for a free demo today! We’re an entire marketing department unto ourselves, and unlike many firms, ours is a subscription model. Reach out to schedule your free demo, and let us show you just how easy it can be to play ball with the best!

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