Top 3 Things To Remember

Always Have A

CTA At The Top

Always make your call-to-action clear to prospects from the very beginning. That's why you should have a CTA at the top before they have to scroll.

Your Forms Should

Be Easily Accessible

Don't make people scroll to your form, especially if that is the main goal for the page. Forms should be quickly and easily visible.

Have The Main CTA

In Multiple Places

Having your CTA in at least two places is helpful for people navigating your site as well as optimizing for your click through rates.

Other factors

To Keep In Mind.

Keep copy to a minimum to keep focus on CTAs

No one wants to read a lot of text but most writers think the more information the better. This is normally not true. Too much copy is the biggest conversion rate blocker, in most cases and if people have to search through a bunch of copy to get to the point, they normally won't make the effort.

Conversion over cool

Don't get caught up in having such a "cool" looking page that your main CTA/goal gets lost. Design around the main job of the page. You can still create a beautiful and cool site, as long as the form, CTA, button, and Main Point are easily understood and not distracting.

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