The sheer volume of digital marketing strategies is vast, and understanding how they apply to Account Engagement (Pardot) can be hard to find comprehensible information on, which can put a strain on your organizations strategization efforts. However, there are several tried and true Account Engagement (Pardot) strategies that can be implemented that consistently perform incredibly well, increasing ROI, prospects, and closed sales. Learn how these strategies can work for your organization below.

Downloadable Content

Downloadable content like white papers, infographics, and guides can add additional value propositions for prospects who interact with your organization. When integrating these downloadable content pieces with Account Engagement (Pardot), there are hidden benefits you might not even know about. To set up these content pieces for success, make sure to build out an Account Engagement (Pardot) landing page, form, autoresponder email, and 'thank you' page. All of these elements will allow you to add completion actions and gauge success through reporting.

Conversion Blogging

Most organizations will utilize a blog or a newsroom on their website, but in order to optimize your blog, you need to be something more. Make sure to use your Account Engagement (Pardot) tools to go the extra mile.

Add some forms or CTAs that give visitors a purpose at the end of their reading. This could be something like the option to request a demo or having them sign up for a newsletter. Whatever path you choose, make sure that you are giving prospects a way to convert through each and every blog post.

Progressive Profiling

This is a feature of Account Engagement (Pardot) forms that we cannot say enough good things about. Progressive Profiling allows an organization to collect a prospect’s information slowly over time as opposed to all at once, which can provide you the opportunity to collect information that you might not be able to get from the prospect otherwise. It can be customized based on an organization’s custom prospect fields, and the different types of information you gain can be anything that you’ve determined to be valuable in regard to your overall strategy.

Dynamic Content

Digital dynamic marketing is the logical next step of digital marketing. Whether it’s location-specific content or even a language change to a landing page based on what country is on the prospect’s record, prospects notice when content is customized to their needs.

These methods make prospects more likely to engage and follow through on a sales funnel.

Channels Working Together

Focusing on only one channel of digital marketing at a time while not connecting them and learning how they can work together is a mistake. For instance, your email marketing and social media marketing should work hand in hand, promoting the content happening on each channel to reach the widest audience. This cross promotion can create a loop of engagement that benefits your ROI in a big way.

Having high-performing strategies in digital marketing benefits an organization at every level. It allows you to engage with prospects in newer, more successful ways, and utilizing the Account Engagement (Pardot) strategies above can help create an organization that has constant growth paths forward.

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