Let’s talk about landing pages in Account Engagement (Pardot). You might have heard that they’re important, but have you really gone down the rabbit hole of just how much they can do for you? From reporting to a myriad of metrics, there’s a wealth of information to be gained if you know how to use landing pages correctly. Take some tips from us, and see all the difference it can make!

The Engagement Studio is Your Friend

Depending on the journey your prospect takes through your landing page, an engagement studio is going to enable you to treat each of them individually, and communicate with them in a more personalized way. Landing page triggers allow you to engage directly with the end user, instead of communicating with your prospects using a broad, mass marketing approach.

You can see the level of engagement they exhibit, and tailor your approach to nourish the lead into a conversion.

Powerful Reporting

Account Engagement (Pardot) houses so much information that it can be hard to parse. The number of unique views, prospect clicks, and all sorts of other metrics are meticulously collected, and can be viewed easily. It can even be arranged into charts that make the numbers more digestible and clear, making reports and presentations to your organizations a snap!

The trick is to not collect the information that you don’t need, so be sure to try different reports out, and if they aren’t serving you, drop them. Don’t overwhelm yourself.

The Magic of Retargeting

No matter what, you’re going to have people that viewed the landing page, but simply didn’t take the leap. No conversion. However, that doesn’t have to be the end. An engagement studio is capable of identifying those wayward users and sending them follow-up materials. You can send them offers, calls, and even direct them to new pages that might resonate with them better.

You worked hard for those prospects, and your engagement studio is going to help you convert as many of them as possible!

Total Design Freedom

If you can dream it, you can integrate it into Account Engagement (Pardot). Anything you can create with custom code can be implemented in order to create a fully immersive, wholly unique experience for your prospects. If you don’t have a ton of coding knowhow, there are built in templates you can use--and they’re not half bad--but the sooner you get a designer and/or coder in there, the better!

Unique, exciting design is going to keep people on your pages longer, and more responsive elements are really going to make your page stand out to them. Why settle for the ordinary, when you can create something extraordinary?

Targeting Through Testing

Account Engagement (Pardot) lets you connect multiple pages with a single link for the purpose of seeing which pages generate the most interest. Page views and conversions will quickly become apparent to you, and you’ll eventually be able to discern which of your pages are the most successful with your audience. This is called Multivariate Testing, and it can give you a great framework for creating new landing pages, and for optimizing the ones you already have.

That data is going to be crucial, even though this feature is widely underutilized. Don’t let that knowledge slip through your fingers.

There are so many hidden features in Account Engagement (Pardot) that you might be overlooking and underutilizing. Even this article is not extensive enough to cover it all. This is simply a taste of all that you could be accomplishing with the right direction. If you’d like to know more, we’d recommend that you schedule a session with one of our Account Engagement (Pardot) experts today, and see what the power of Account Engagement (Pardot) can do for your organization.

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