Within the August 19’ release, Account Engagement (Pardot) brought Pardot Resubscribe. This gives prospects the ability to opt back in once they’ve opted out. This update allows prospects to have a resubscribe link emailed to them when a form is filled out. Further confirming their subscription and verifying their identity.
In the past a checked out field would not override. This made sure that email preferences were protected. However, with this new release there will be the ability to allow Prospects to opt back in.


Step 1:

This automated resubscribe email does have to be an email template.
The email needs to contain content explaining why the prospect is receiving the email and inviting them to click the confirmation link.
Don’t forget to include a resubscribe to urge prospects to opt back in. This can be done through the Merge Tag via the Merge Field Picker or the email builder hyper-link popup.
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Step 2:

Now that you’ve set up the email template head to the Account Engagement (Pardot) account settings and click the edit button.
Scroll down the prospect resubscribe section and check the checkbox. Select your email template that has been created from the list.
Save your progress up until this point and the prompt message will automatically activate in Account Engagement (Pardot) forms. This allows the automated message to show when Account Engagement (Pardot) detects that their status is opted out.

What To Keep In Mind:

This new feature allows for an extra level of Prospect opt-in retention. Account Engagement (Pardot) Resubscribe allows Prospects to opt themselves back in. This is one more worry relieved when it comes to email preference management.
Questions about Account Engagement (Pardot) Resubscribe? Fill out the form and an Account Engagement (Pardot) Expert will help walk you through it.
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