Learn Your Mistakes To Fix Them

With organizations already planning on how their 2021 year will unfold it’s important to analyze what mistakes you’ve made and how to avoid them. Account Engagement (Pardot) and Salesforce offer many opportunities for success, but you can always find ways to improve as you progress forward. Here are the common Account Engagement (Pardot) and Salesforce mistakes we find and how to fix them in 2021.

Don’t Be Too General

When creating any kind of campaign avoid being too general with what you’re sending. Add in content that is more specifically targeting one or more of your audiences. Prospects are more likely to engage in content that feels like it is made for them.

Picture this, you receive two emails, one that is focused on a product you’ve been wanting to buy for a while and one that you’re only vaguely aware of. Now understand that this is what generalized versus non-generalized content looks like to a prospect.

Utilize Your Features

Salesforce & Account Engagement (Pardot) are powerful tools that allow you to create any number of marketing and sales customizations. But when you stick to the same things you always use you can’t expect to see new results.

To mix it up and look for new results here are some things you can try: Add progressive profiling to your Account Engagement (Pardot) forms, implement Einstein call coaching in Salesforce, and try setting up A/B testing on your next email send. These are all strong strategies to utilize more of your Account Engagement (Pardot) and Salesforce features.

Diversifying What You Produce

Don’t fall into the trap of constantly sending out the same content. This can apply to emails, landing pages, blog posts, and anything else in a digital marketing environment. Going into 2021 plan some new content and ways to present it to your audience.

This can be an opportunity to find out more about your prospects or just to test new engaging material. Adding content like infographics, plain text personalized emails, and contests to drive social media traffic can be just what you need to grab the attention of your audience.

Fix Your Funnel

Paying attention to how your sales funnel is functioning through Salesforce is a way to get insight into where you are having issues. Maybe it’s in the awareness stage? Maybe it’s in the evaluation stage? Learning this can be the difference between closed deals and lost prospects.

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