When it comes to automation in marketing, the landscape is in a constant state of flux. Older processes and techniques can quickly fall by the wayside, while new innovations can spring to the forefront, seemingly out of nowhere. There is always going to be a quicker, cleaner way to automate, and if you’re not able to stay on top of it, it can be a struggle to catch up again. The fast-paced nature of automation is such that, at a certain point, inaction is worse than taking bad actions. If you’re not doing anything through Account Engagement (Pardot) and Salesforce to keep your automation fresh, then you risk losing sight of higher conversion and new prospects. This is why creating new drips and updating your current automation systems on a regular, consistent basis is of the utmost importance.

Why You Can’t Just "Set it and forget it"

When first setting up your automation it can be tempting to pay a service to help with the initial implementation and then to just let it run, unimpeded. After all, it’s fully automated, right? It should take care of itself! While it’s tempting to think this way, the opposite is actually true. Marketing Automation is an iterative process full of trial, error, and testing. If you’re not vigilant, and constantly keeping tabs on your automation setup, your prospects could get lost in the system. A prospect lost in the system is a potential customer you’ve lost. As you can see from the graphic below, there’s a lot you need to be doing in order to keep up with the breakneck pace of automation.

Staying Relevant is Important

Over time, you will find that your prospect’s needs and desires change as much as the automation landscape itself; shifting and evolving based on what is currently relevant. Think of it this way: If you’re a phone company, and you’re marketing landlines to your prospects like it’s the only option, you’re probably not going to drum up very much interest. Updating your automation is no different. It requires constant upkeep and attention to remain relevant, both in the forms of everyday upkeep and in terms of brand new content needing to be developed to facilitate new prospect interests.

Nothing is One Size Fits All

Most companies that assist with automation apply one flat automation structure for every organization. However, this won’t cut it in a constantly changing automation environment. Every organization has particular, specific needs and automation isn’t an exception to the rule. Your automation should be as unique as your organization is. Having a strategy of tailored automation custom fit to the needs of your organization pays off in the long term, as your prospects will always feel like they’re getting the experience built precisely for them. A tailored suit is always going to look and feel better than a suit off the rack!

Know What You Don't Know

Automation is ever-changing, but most marketing professionals simply don’t have the time to keep up with those advancements and alterations. However, this information can be vital in creating automation systems that are sustainable and successful! A perfect example of this point in action is the fact that Salesforce releases updates three times a year, and these updates contain all sorts of information that could be incredibly helpful to your systems.

At SalesLabX we’re dedicated to creating a growing, thriving automation experience that goes above and beyond in every way. We do this because the automation your organization uses each and every day should be as unique as you are, while not pulling your focus from your other priorities as an organization. Your automation should be able to grow along with your aspirations for success, and once it finally can, that continual growth can take you to all new ROI heights.

Questions about how SalesLabX, and how we can make sure your automation isn’t stagnating? Fill out the form and an automation expert will be in touch to help.

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