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Transcript: – [Narrator] How Do I increase my open rate? Here’s two quick ways that you can experiment in your own Account Engagement (Pardot) system in order to increase your open rate. One, using dynamic subject line. A lot of you all have already used dynamic content and variable tags inside of your emails. For example, the first name tag. A quick way to utilize this inside of your subject line to increase your subject lines open rate is to include those same variable tags inside of your subject line. And you do that by clicking advanced subject composer, click on the insert variable tag. Let’s use for example, first name. So here, you gonna be using the first name field inside of your subject line. So this would say, John, here is your report. Now, this allows each and every prospect to get their own subject line. This usually helps open rates dramatically. Also, this is another tip to use to increase your open rates, but use it sparingly as it does wear off if you do use it too often is just emojis. So, this button right here, you hit that and depending on your brand voice, pick an emoji that matches and this will also help dramatically increase your open rate. So, here we go. We will use the thinking emoji or chatting emoji. If you hit save, now you have your subject line with the emoji and variable your tag.
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