– [Narrator] We’re going to have a Page Action deployed, based on a prospect visiting our pricing page. So we’re going to simply type in our name of the Page Action and the URL you want the Page Action to be triggered on. Here you’ll see every time a prospect visits our pricing page, they’re going to have a list of actions that happens. You can add them to any preordained list inside of Account Engagement (Pardot), and you can also create a whole host of other activities. The one we are going to do is create Salesforce task. Because this is a high purchase-intent action, we believe visiting the pricing page, we’re gonna go ahead and create a Salesforce task for the sales rep that’s assigned in Salesforce to call this prospect. This is huge, because now your customer will be able to get just in time information about pricing sensitive matters, because they viewed the pricing page. You can use Page Actions for all sorts of things, triggering auto reply emails, creating Salesforce tasks, or even just tracking and adding to a campaign in Salesforce. Imagine being able to know, if a prospect is more likely to convert when visiting the prospect pricing page, within 30 days of filling out a form submission. That’s now possible with the Page Action.
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