UTM Parameters may be something that you are already familiar with.They’re often utilized to track marketing campaigns within Google Analytics. But are you using them to their utmost efficiency? UTM’s can also be used to capture additional information when a prospect is created in Account Engagement (Pardot). This data can be of the utmost importance to determine the value of marketing campaigns. Additionally, it can become an even more valuable tool when it comes to lead management.


Quick Rundown:

If you’re not familiar with UTM Parameters here is a quick rundown. UTM parameters are the tags that can be found with a URL. They can be utilized to track such information as where the prospect came from, campaign, and source. This can be viewed all within the URL and is information that can be sent back to Google Analytics for proper tracking. This is helpful information that can be used to gauge to effectiveness that your campaigns have had.

Step 1:

First off you will need to create two new fields in Salesforce & within Account Engagement (Pardot) (be sure to map them as well). Don’t create a field for utm_source, you will be using the standard source field in Account Engagement (Pardot) instead.
– Utm_medium
– Utm_medium – utm_campaign

Step 2:

Next you’ll need to add the new fields to your Account Engagement (Pardot) Forms. All of these fields needs to be hidden and marked as not required. You’ll label these fields as Label: UTM Medium and Prospect Field: utm_medium, Label: UTM Campaign and Prospect Field: utm_campaign.

Step 3:

To ensure that the lead is captured you will need to add some code to your landing pages.

Step 4:

Ensure your lead is capturing by testing a few links. This can be done by filling out one of your forms and seeing if the values go into Account Engagement (Pardot).
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