Progressive Profiling is a unique feature of Account Engagement (Pardot) forms that sets them apart from your average WordPress form. Despite its uniqueness, plenty of people don't know about Progressive Profiling or how to set it up; even though it's a relatively easy process to integrate into your form setup. The first thing that needs to be understood is “What is Progressive Profiling?” Put simply, it's the process of displaying particular form fields based on form fields that have already been filled out by a prospect. This helps organizations collect more and more refined data about prospects as they continue to interact with the organization's content.

The Setup:

When setting up Progressive Profiling, it is important to consider what extra data you want to collect. Perhaps the prospects you're targeting have previously entered all of their standard information like full name, email, and company name, but now you want to know what type of company they work for? This is one example of a field that could be displayed on a form you anticipate prospects coming back to. This way, you're asking for information over time as opposed to all at once, thereby avoiding overwhelming prospects and causing them to avoid the form altogether. This allows you to collect more of the information you need, without prospects feeling bothered.

Step 1:

Navigate to an existing form in Account Engagement (Pardot) that has all the fields you want it to include and go to the fields tab. Add a new field or click edit on a pre-existing field that you would like to be conditional/a Progressive Profiling field. Within this field editing screen, you will click on the Progressive tab.

Step 2:

Once in the Progressive tab, check the box that indicates to display the field only if the prospect has previous data in a certain field. Then, in the dropdown, select the field that will need to have existing data before the conditional field is shown.

Progressive Profiling is a feature that puts your organization ahead of the game. Taking advantage of this feature is as simple as adding progressive fields to your next form. When you start supplementing additional data into your prospect’s records through Progressive Profiling, you open all sorts of doors to better target your prospect. The sky is the limit for how you can use this feature to improve your Account Engagement (Pardot) digital marketing intelligence.

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