Working From Home Means the Team Works Less

At a glance, I’m sure you can see this as being a reasonable assumption. The ability to get up from your desk, clean your house, cook a meal, or any number of distractions can result in fewer working hours logged, right? Well… No.

Studies have shown that workers are more likely to work more when their lives aren’t being consumed by unnecessary commutes. There have been many instances of people working past their working hours because when you blur the lines between work and home, it’s hard to set boundaries and know when to stop, so make sure your team is taking the time to eat, hydrate, and take a little walk around.

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But There Are Still Too Many Distractions, Right?

Granted, there are a lot of things in your home that can draw your focus and impact your work, but once again, studies have shown that this isn’t necessarily happening. While there can be an adjustment period to working from home, we’re seeing that remote workers are generally able to tune those out and focus on their work.

To say that the home is more distracting than the office is quite subjective, as what a person finds distracting varies from individual to individual, and each person’s home environment will vary. We’ve all been part of those offices that have people roaming around and starting conversations with anyone and everyone. Offices can be very distracting environments! Allowing folks to choose the working environment where they feel most productive and able to focus is the more inclusive choice.

Remote Work is Technical and Complicated

Not anymore! Even just 10 years ago some challenges made remote work a little challenging, but there have been so many advances that allow your team to access what they need from anywhere that it isn’t an issue anymore.

There are a lot of programs you can license that will allow for video conferencing and the like, and Salesforce and Account Engagement make remote collaboration extremely simple if you know how to properly build out your environments. On paper, this could seem costly, but it’s nothing compared to renting office space!

Office Workers are the Best Workers

There’s a long-held belief that you need an office space to attract the best talent, but that’s not necessarily true. We know that managers and other people in leadership positions like to see with their own eyes who comes in early and who stays late as a way of measuring employee potential, but the top talent out there is looking for remote positions now.

Remote work benefits you as well as them! They want the freedom to be able to work from anywhere, and you’re not limited by proximity! No one needs to make a costly move just to bring their talents to your team. Remote work also allows disabled workers to more easily join your team, as it gives them the flexibility to work in environments that are comfortable for them and don’t require commutes or traversing an office that doesn’t meet their needs.

All this is to say...

...that if you’re not at the very least attempting to hybridize your workplace, you’re falling behind when it comes to best practices in the modern workplace. Remote work isn’t going anywhere, and public opinion is shifting when it comes to renting massive, wasteful office spaces. Be future forward in your thinking!

Be future forward in your thinking!

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