Salesforce has just announced a major breakthrough in natural language processing (NLP) technology with the release of Einstein GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer): The first generative AI built for CRM! This cutting-edge NLP model is capable of understanding, processing, and generating human-like language responses, paving the way for advanced conversational AI applications and marketing opportunities!

Einstein GPT is built on the foundation of OpenAI's GPT-3, which is known for its impressive ability to generate human-like language. Salesforce is leveraging this incredible technology to automate so much of the sales experience that once it’s fully ready for use, it will serve the purpose of all automation: To free you up for more important tasks. Salesforce already has AI working for you in the form of “Einstein” which is currently responsible for over 200 billion AI-powered predictions daily, but combining that with ChatGPT creates something new and exciting:

A fully personalized sales experience tailored to each individual profile and interaction without needing human involvement.

It might sound almost like a gimmick to the uninitiated, but Einstein GPT is shaping up to be so much more than some throw-away technological flash-in-the-pan. Requesting to chat with an organization about their services can now be handled by the AI, meaning the chatbot will be able to recognize customer needs and provide resources to answer their queries. Dynamic content is going to be far more personalized than it is now, creating customized content over a variety of mediums like email and advertising. It will even schedule meetings for you and send follow-up emails, gently pushing prospects into your sales funnel without you so much as lifting a finger.

Einstein GPT will even be able to understand the context and tone of an interaction because it’s learned from so many of them. For example, it can understand when a customer is expressing frustration or dissatisfaction, and respond in a way that is appropriate and helpful to the situation. Your grandma’s chatbot can’t do that! In fact, old chatbots like that can often be the cause of subpar customer experiences that can damage your relationship with your clients. Einstein GPT is too intelligent for that!

Since Einstein GPT is capable of generating language that’s so close to human speech, it’ll open up tons of new possibilities for creating copy for your organization. Product descriptions, emails, and even entire articles can be created in a way that not only matches your brand voice but will reduce your operating costs. You’ll still want human beings on your team creating content for you, but this will free them up to focus on your big-picture projects, and not the time-consuming minutiae that currently fill their days.

Overall, Einstein GPT represents a major step forward in the application of NLP and conversational AI. By leveraging Salesforce's vast customer data and combining it with cutting-edge technology, Einstein GPT has the potential to revolutionize how businesses interact with their customers. As the technology continues to evolve, we can expect to see even more innovative use cases emerge, and we’ll be there with a front-row seat, learning along as the knowledge becomes available to us.

If you want Salesforce experts working with you to make sure you’re at the forefront of these technological breakthroughs, you need look no further. Book your demo today, and together we can make sure that you stay on the cutting edge, slicing through the competition!

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