Einstein Copilot

Remember the Microsoft Word paperclip? Remember Clippy? Well, he’s getting a bit of a facelift with the release of Einstein Copilot: An embedded, conversational AI assistant designed to help teams increase their productivity. This little fella will allow you to automate your tasks with premade actions, or you can create your own custom actions for use with Flows, Apex, or MuleSoft APIs.

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Prompt Builder

Every decision you make should be based on good data, and that’s what the Prompt Builder is bringing to the table. It’s going to allow you to build, test, and refine your prompt templates without having to mess around with the code. Dynamic CRM data including merge fields and Flow allow you to ground your workflow with the new Prompt Builder.

And a Lot of Generative AI Features

Salesforce is not afraid to utilize AI, and honestly? We’re all for it! A lot of these features are looking extremely helpful, and they’re solving the problems that we feel AI should be solving! Let’s take a look at some of those.

Content Creation for Marketing Cloud

Account Engagement can now use AI to create copy for emails, landing pages, and even subject lines. We’ve talked about the issues with this sort of generation before, but we’re hoping that Salesforce has ironed out at least some of the drawbacks plaguing this sort of tool. If nothing else, this should be able to generate a template that you can then customize, which will still save time. 

Sales Actions

Einstein Copilot is back again, this time with tools that let you follow up after meetings, research your prospects/customers, and keep your CRM current. All this being done automatically is going to be a total win for all you overworked marketers out there, and we can't wait to open it up and see what it’s really capable of.

Code Builder

No installing any local software; this software is web-based and ready to streamline your coding process! It has support for all Salesforce languages and frameworks. Create your Code Builder environment, connect an org, and you have access to all the coding tools you could need. It even has built-in tutorials so that you always know you’re making the right moves.

Salesforce is a gift that keeps on giving...

...and this spring they’re being very generous. Which tools are you the most excited about? We can’t wait to learn the ins and outs of all of them so we can help our partners succeed more than ever before!

We know you’ve got great ideas, and they deserve to be implemented with the industry leading expertise needed to realize their full potential. We already have all the resources to make that happen- all we need is you.


If you’re ready to make your marketing dreams come true, then we’re excited to work with you!

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