Over the past few weeks, we’ve been giving you a rundown on the state of AI. We’ve looked at how it’s being integrated into different aspects of marketing and business, and we’ve tried our best to be impartial, giving you the pros and cons of folding AI into your current processes.

All of this was to help you make more informed decisions today, but what does AI have in store for you tomorrow?

Anything Can Happen

You’ve been hearing it everywhere: AI is the future. That may very well be true, but it’s going to take a bit of time before we can get a solid grasp on what that future looks like. AI has a fair amount of challenges in the weeks, months, and years ahead. Artists and writers are taking aim at the LLMs for using their original work to train these algorithms, and multiple entities are looking at new ways of regulating these emerging technologies, which means potentially dramatic shifts in how it’s used or accessed. 

And lest we forget, there have been a lot of things in the past few years that people claimed would be “the future”, but the odds are that you’re not reading this in the Metaverse right now.

From a Data Standpoint

Outside of using AI to create your content, we predict that AI will still have many analytical uses going forward. A huge focus is being placed on AI art and writing, but a lot of the behind-the-scenes work in marketing is where AI will really shine.

This is what it feels like AI was designed to do. Taking the small but time-consuming processes that eat into your timetable and taking care of them without you having to ask. 

AI can help marketers understand and optimize entire customer journeys. From awareness to conversion, AI algorithms can analyze touchpoints and suggest improvements to enhance the overall customer experience.

Campaigns: Robot Style

All that data you’ve gathered from your previous campaigns? That’ll be campaign fuel with AI! We already showed you that you can use third-party extensions to feed your data into LLMs for analysis, and creating effective campaigns is why that ability is so valuable. 

AI can be incredibly powerful when it comes to predicting future trends within your customer base, and it can make those predictions based on your existing data. This can dictate how you proceed with your outreach efforts in the future. This is the kind of job that AI was meant to do, so you should let it! In the future this crucial bit of strategic planning can be taken off your hands, freeing you up to do so much more. 

And if you know SLX, you know how much we love automation and making things easier. 

Enhanced Customer Experience

As it becomes more advanced, AI is going to prove invaluable when it comes to online customer support. Chatbots are only just beginning to enter the marketing space in a meaningful way, but with AI backing, they’re poised to make a real leap into the realm of the legitimate. 

People currently avoid the use of automatic chatbots now because they aren’t intuitive. They aren’t intelligent. Automatic response emails are prewritten, and not designed to address customer concerns in any kind of meaningful way. If the progression of AI goes the way we think it will, it means intelligent response. It means customers going to your site with an inquiry and a responsive algorithm giving them the answers they need. 

AI has a future ahead of it, but that future–as with anything–is uncertain. The best you can do is learn as much as you can about it and make informed decisions as technologies and attitudes continue to evolve. 

Rest assured that as more information becomes available, we’ll be there. If the technology advances, we’ll be there to map its evolution. Sticking with SLX means keeping your eyes on the future. Stick with us, and you’ll be ready for anything.

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