It’s About Communication

Too often, the different departments in your operations are treated like their own teams. They have their own internal structures, their own procedures, and their own goals. While this is understandable, it often results in those departments losing sight of the big picture. We’re all on the same team. 

Because of this thinking, communication can break down. Reps from the design team may not have clear lines to communicate with dev. Your customer-facing teams may not know the turnaround times for your copywriters. All these disconnected entities are going to result in longer project times and increased tensions within your organization. 

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Where Is Your Guiding Light?

The easiest way to bring your team together is to unite them under your shared goals and philosophies. Loop your team in when it comes to decisions that are being made and let them know how they can help. The era of leaving people in the dark because they’re “not on your level” is over. It’s an old business mentality that serves no one.

By establishing your goals and what you hope to accomplish, it opens the door for conversations regarding how your departments can interface on a more substantial level. If you need to boost conversions from email marketing, then how can you facilitate the conversations that your copywriters and your design team need to be having? If you need specific forms built to capture prospect information, how can leadership explain to the dev team what information is needed? Asking these questions can bring clarity.

Regular Alignment

We know there’s been a lot of pushback on the idea of meetings lately, and we agree with a lot of it. Largely, they could have been emails. However, regular meetings between departments are a great way to ensure that your team structure is strong. They can discuss the different aspects of what they do as they relate to the other departments, and as a bonus, you’ll start to see leaders emerge from these interactions; leaders who are naturally inclined to build the necessary bridges between the different disciplines.

Use Your Tools

Salesforce and Account Engagement can be so much more than you realize. Sure, they can absolutely collect data and interpret it in a way that builds new actionable strategies, but it can also be used to keep your team on the same page.

You’re able to create information drips for your various team members, including a training drip for anyone just joining the team. You can use the data you collect from developer-made forms to show your copywriters what subjects and pain points they need to focus on in their email copy. For your team to work as a unit, they need to follow the data. Use both the data you collect and all the data publicly available to guide your way. If you do, you’ll all arrive at your goals together.

These aren’t easy changes to make...

...and we don’t mean to make it seem that way. It takes a lot of work and dedication for communication to flow smoothly. Partnering with SLX can cut that time down dramatically. Our team is already locked in and ready to rock. Let us show you how it’s done while getting you caught up on all of your projects.

We know you’ve got great ideas, and they deserve to be implemented with the industry leading expertise needed to realize their full potential. We already have all the resources to make that happen- all we need is you.


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