A Little Background

Per the Adobe website, “Adobe XD enables UX designers to design interactive user experiences for web and mobile apps using a single app.” If this sounds like Figma, you’re pretty astute, because they serve the same function.

Adobe had attempted to buy Figma for $20 Billion (with a ‘B’) but the deal was struck down by regulators who said the deal would be akin to a monopoly. After losing out on that, it seems Adobe is calling it quits on UI design. Will they circle back to it later? Who can say?

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Don’t Worry. Adobe is There For You… Kinda

Adobe wants to make it very clear that they will still fix bugs for XD and perform standard maintenance for its users. There just isn’t anything new coming down the pipeline. For now, you’ll keep your current functionality, and still be able to create tasks the way you were before, but any innovations in UX/UI are going to appear elsewhere. So while Adobe XD will suffice for now, there may come a time to migrate so as not to miss out on new exciting functionality developments within the industry.

Figma Reigns Supreme

Considering that if the deal had gone through, Figma more than likely would have been absorbed into the creative suite, it’s a good deal for the users. Figma stays a more affordable tool, continues to innovate and add features, and generally dominates the market. Given time, it’s probably going to be the tool you’re going to want to hitch your creative team’s horse to.

These are the updates you need to know, which is why we wanted to bring them to your attention. This kind of news is why you need a team on your side that knows what’s going on at all times. You want to stay ahead of the competition and make sure your tools are cutting-edge, with a well-planned change management strategy in place to help your team over every bump in the road.

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