We’ve all been there before:

You head to Amazon because you need a new toilet brush. You do a little bit of shopping around before finally deciding that a toilet brush doesn’t need to be fancy, so you buy a decent one for $15. You splurged. End of story, right? Well, it would be… except now you’re haunted.

Every site you visit, there it is: an ad for a toilet brush. This will continue for days because of a certain marketing strategy….

These are retargeting ads, and they’re what you use when you want those potential buyers to be surrounded by your shining presence. It’s a great way to stay at the forefront of their minds! Let’s look into it a little deeper and learn some retargeting dos and don’ts…

They Already Bought It!

Much like the example we gave in the intro, it can be really annoying to get retargeting ads for things you already bought. If you buy a toilet seat, you’re probably not going to need to buy another toilet seat for a while… and yet.
If a prospect ends up converting, they don’t need to see ads for things they already have. If they’ve already bought your basic package, then the ads for that are going to be redundant and unnecessary. Target them with ads for different services you offer or upgrades. Keep it fresh!

A Focus On Conversion

When it comes to retargeting ads, your focus should be converting prospects. What that means is that you should assume whoever is viewing the ads already knows who you are. Retargeting ads shouldn’t be for introducing yourself, they should be used to further your own narrative and expand upon what you can offer. You’re telling a story, and retargeting ads can make that story something compelling!

Let Your Data Do The Driving

You have a lot of data. A lot of actionable data. Using behavioral tracking you can analyze customer interactions across various touchpoints. From email opens and clicks to website visits and form submissions. When you’re able to see which of your features and products your prospects are interacting with, you’re better able to design your retargeting ads for optimized conversion. Speak to what your prospects are interested in! It’s okay to be specific when the data says it’s okay.

Don’t Pack Your Ads

A little says a lot! Putting too much information in your ads can overwhelm your prospects and cause them to lose interest. Remember, they’re only glancing at these ads, so whatever you’re saying you need to say it fast. Bold lettering, simple phrasing, and eye-catching visuals are going to be your bread and butter here. Don’t explain everything. Get the click, and let your site do the talking.

Don’t Overdo It

The intent with retargeting ads is to keep your brand in the forefront of a prospect’s mind; to put them in a kind of echo chamber to where they don’t forget about you or what you have to offer. What you don’t want to do is overwhelm them by having an ad at every turn. Try to limit the amount of ads you’re sending out in a month, but don’t do too few either, or you’ll just be spinning your wheels. Around 20 seems to be the sweet spot.
There are really great tools in Account Engagement (Pardot) that can make the process of creating retargeting ads a whole lot easier, but there’s also a lot of nuance to it that you need to know in order to make those ads successful. The right wording and visual assets are key, along with the ability to interpret your own data.
You can learn all of that, or you can leave it to us to handle since you have better ways to spend your time. Reach out for a free demo today, and we’ll start putting a strong, comprehensive strategy in place that’s perfect for your brand. Get started today!
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