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They and other tech giants have collectively signed a letter saying they have a “collective responsibility” to minimize the risks that AI poses to society. They want to build AI responsibly, which is something that all of us can get behind, right?

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Who Signed?

The letter was signed by a good amount of AI startups after it was drafted by venture capitalist Ron Conway and his firm SV Angel, and is extremely optimistic in tone with comparisons being drawn between AI and innovations such as electricity and the printing press. The Chief Executive Officer of OpenAI Sam Altman says he was “excited for the spirit of this letter,” which is a good sign since Altman also signed a letter last May stating that AI could lead to the extinction of the human race.

We’re Making Progress

The letter also states, “The balance of its good and bad impacts on humans will be shaped through the actions and thoughtfulness we as humans exercise” and, “It is our collective responsibility to make choices that maximize AI’s benefits and mitigate the risks, for today and for future generations.” This is a fantastic sentiment, but unfortunately feels a bit toothless, as the letter doesn’t call out any specific actions that anyone in the AI industry will be taking to achieve these ends. There are specific directions the industry could go in, but failing to mention them in such a high-profile letter makes the entire idea feel like lip service.

We’re choosing Optimism!

What do you believe? Do you think that these companies have concrete plans for responsible AI use? If you’re integrating AI into the operations of your organization, are you ensuring that the implementation and outputs are ethical and meet your core values?

AI has the potential to be something truly special, but only if we don’t let its ease of use bend our morality. We at SLX see the possibilities for us and for you! Reach out for a demo today, and we’ll show you the best ways to weave AI into your operations that can benefit your organization...

without harming humanity as a whole!

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